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3 have to dig as deep pocketwise as he does today if he is to be limited to the ou tput of a touring 250 type? As insurance is legally compulsory over there this is likely to lead to much irate ..· I······~~ discussion. Rumor follows close On speculation where Mike Hailwood and Honda are concerned for 1966. Talk now is that he will be moun ted on a full size 500cc V-8! Th e story goes that the Japa nese factory has enlisted the aid of a top Italian technician who has a history of bein g involved in the de velopmen t of the memorable Moto-Gu zzi V-8 a deca de ago! I Complete Parts & Service dfiiLm; !l3 ~o~. , One. SPECIALISTS IN ACCESSORIES I L..................... 1941 E. COLORADO STR EET PASA DENA • 793-5153 • FUN AND GAMES AT DEVORE San Gabri el Valley ' Motorcycl e Club and Shamrocks M.C. took time off, Sunday, Dec . 5th, to make a goodwill visit to the Verdemont Boys Ranch at Devore. Ob ject of the field meet was to show the boys the art of competition ridin g, particularly as a family affair. Among the riders displaying their skill were such top desert men as Mike Patrick, Lee Stumpenhaus, Bob McLaughlin and Gene Smith . Th e boys were thrilled by the morning's show which included a drag event, spin and ride and a wheeli e contest. And the fun continued after lun ch with a motocross and a relay. Th e clubs also took up a donation of one dollar per rider, and pre sented th is to Mr. Bromwich , the Director of the Ranch, for use in their Med ical Fund. Th e happy atmosphere was. made even more pleasant when the Ranch doled out an excellent dinner for the visitors, and the boys handed over their own handmade trophy to the winner of the Wh eelie battIe. Delighted recip ient of this was Steve Howland. No doubt about it, he won it the hard way! The outing was mad e possible by the grea t help given by Ed Fuller, the probation officer from San Bernardino Co. We were proud to help in this good work, and are looking forward to a repeat show in 1966. Anytime! Anywhere! ALL NEW 2S0cc CHALLENGER NEWS FROM EUROPE By David Gr. enfield We read, in Motor Cycle News (England ), that the Triumph factory has carried out successful experi ments with prototype disc brakes. Designed and developed in co-operation with ex-road racer Colin Lyster, this twin disc front brake may eventually go into production as equ ipment for high performan ce Tri's. And that includes the long awaited three pot 750, expected to be announced next year. Factory officials are said to be 'delighted' with the results of the tests. Possibility of a rear disc 'anchor' is also under investigation. !1J[f]!1[]{]!1[f]!1!1J@!1Jomg USED "Ton-Up" Travel" to End 1£ you have been envious In the past of Britain's No-Spee d limit main roads and Motor Ways, forget itl New measures being introduced by their government include a seventy mph limit for the future. Hot q uestion now being raised in the columns of Motor Cycle News (Englan d) is one of insurance. Should the man who runs a 650 machine capable of 100 plus '65 250cc DOT '64 250cc DO T '65 BULTACOMETISSE '63 2GOcc BULTACO MATADOR 'li4 HONDA SCRAMBLER 'li3 HONDA SCRAMBLER 'li3 500cc MATCHLESS B I K ES S495 '66 GREEVES TRAIL M ODEL-LIke New 95 S495 '61i IS GREEVES-L1ke New DT $l95 $615 4 GREEVES SQ. BARRELS. S450 - SliM S395 WEST!RN DISTRIBUTORS S450 S395 S5!I5 1162 9 VAN OWEMST., NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CALI'. NICHOLSON MOTORS YOU CAN COUNT ON A 1 ' 1' T [lUMP PROSPECTORS .SIMI VALLEY HARE SCRAMBLES EDDIE MULDER tT.(MUD) SCRAMBLES at Bay Mare OPEN EXPERT LOREN ANDREWS 'O P E N EXPERT 1. EDDIE MULDER -650 TRI. 1. LOREN ANDREWS -TRI. 2. RON NELSON - 500 TRI. W tern Distr ibuto r es JOHNSON MOTORS 265 West Co lorado St ree t, Pasadena , Ca lifornia 2. JIM BASSEY-T81. 3~ MIKE MIZEN -T81.

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