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2 ·.. M A I L .... ~ SALES· PARTS· SERVICE EDDIE CROWELL DEAR LONERS: SUZUKI • DUCATI BULTACO SALES·PARTS·SERVICE R04Dl RAQ«; ACJ"F'SSCW£S 1111 .I••••T l U I . unA l ElA, CAUf. OM) ........ TCHLE55 HODAIA • NOT A BAD IDEA Dear Ed .. We enjoy reading your raz, but it would be nice to see something about us 36A riders ' once in a while - everybody knows how good ole Jim Hunter and Bill Rilcy and the rest of your Dist. 37 shoes are. How about corning up to. say. Bakersfield sometime and l(et a look at some good racing on a well prepared cushion type TT track? Not a had idea if you think about it. . Thanks so much. Sam Chandler. No .2, Dist . 36-A. INc A YAMAHA fI, l :@r VELOCETTE Due A T I SALES·SERVICE· PARTS· RENTALS H A W T H O R N E B O U L EV A R D LAWNDA LE CAL IF • SP 2 1822 OS 69546 THE FAM IL Y F UN CENTER • • • • • • • • • • • • • • " ':-') • • • • • YAMAHA BIG BEAR SCRAMBLER • • • • OPEN WEEKDAY 9 TO 9 S • • : SUNDAY 10 TO 6 : : . AIL ORDEI SEIYICE : 1M .-sET ILYD.· LOS HilLEl. CALIF• • • A GUY TO WATCH? How far down the winners list does your eye trave l? Number nine among the Prospectors Big Boys is Howard Beach . We are told that this was only his second ride in cornpetition! TRIALS ~ . :• : · (Form erly Motorcycle Journal) 1185 E. 19th S treet. LODg Beach, California 591-2088 59 1-6113 Published by C & S P ublishin g Compan y P . O. B ox 498 L ong Beach, Cali f. 90806 " The Vo ice of Ca lifornia" Charles Clayton Editor Sharon Clayton Business Manager David Greenfield ~ Ianazmg Editor Gil Brown Advertising Manager Carl Bartlett Production ~ Ianal(er Sandie Pettit. Circulation Mnnazer Joe Lopez. Roxy Rockwood . Robert Ebeling, Larry Ha ley, Carl Bartlett. Gordon Sou th. W alt Mahony. Dale Boller. Dennis Green. Robe rt O. Fee Contributors Advertising prepared by ARThompson, 546 W. Colorado St., Glendale. Calif. My wife and I are interes ted in finding other coup les who like to ride. Please send us informati on on the Loners. We have a 250cc YAMAHA. D. R. Paradise. Whittier. Calif. o LAWNDALE l!i.~2~ W&r!ll£5 Advertismg ra tes sen t on request. 10427 P ra irie , In gl e wood OR.3 · 9S73 CYCLE @)J@[1& HEUO MOTORCYC LISTS I invite any of you Loners to comc In our nice. modem home in Apple Valley, 5 miles from Victorville. Write or phone first. of course. I am a Loner too. ridin!!: since 1930. Crossed over from New York City to L.A. in '35. in '38 and in '40. I am an old timer now . My wife (very kind person) rides on the double seat of our bi!!: Harley occasionally out with me. Two years ago we rode to Phoenix. I just purchased (100 miles on it! ) u new 1966 FLH Electra-Glide with full dress and a car spotlight mounted. I'd like to get an answer. if you please. FRITZ SEHL, 15774 Wyandot Rd ., off Zuni, (behind Airport) C H-7-7992 Apple Valley. Loners. please answ er kind Mr. Sehl. SPEED lUNING PUBLISHED W EEKLY EXCEPT FIRST AN D LAST W EEK OF CALENDAR YEA R. eu..- • ••••••••••••••••••• (Continued) (Photos on Page 6) and the bike intn a ti ght turn. all th e whil e ehul(l(inl( very slowly with the rear brake slil(htly on and slippin It the clutch with two finlters on th e leve r. s low speed is the secret of trials SUC'(."eSS . and anyone who can learn to bala nce a bike standing still without touchi ng a foot to the ground should become a master after a little practice. Of course it helps to have a bike set up specially for trials. so Nick's is. We found it Itreat fun to roll through the sections at a near standstill. then release the brake and thump strongly up a steep exit FREE!! HOUDAYS .s Pubfi.hed ....kly f irlt end led week of C111endar .,..,. in long INch. Cal if. Any pert o f th i. newspllpef ma y be used w it hout penni. ion .. long aedit it. g iven . Editorl. 1 contributions. cartoons, photot w ill be ~id for on publicat ion. writ. fo r ou r generou s cont ribu tor r.'n. with the fron t whee l pivoting on thin air. The Montesa was also adequate for the contests. but the fun bikes were handicapped . The Tr ail 90's by the ir au tomatic clu tches and the Puny Express by its tiny tires. With members of the Never Ready's and Eagles watching their every move, novices were doing more paddling than a pond full of ducks. losinl( points for such errors as touching a foot clown, dropping the machines and rid ing over the lime boundaries. Only practice can improve performance in an event like Trials. where ride r ability. and not horsepower gets the gold, Trophies will be awarded to winners in the several classes as soon as the results are compiled. The sponsoring Inland Deal. ers Association claims to be the best association of its kind hereabouts, and this may very well be true, If so. the names of win ners in Sundav's con tests will be found on page 10 of this issue. If not , look for them next week. It was interesting to note that some of the expe rt and master class riders of the So. Ca l T rials Association were being bested on many traps by tIK, first-time riders. SUCCESSFUL SERIES SELLS CYCLES We print today number one in a series of interes ting radio 'spots' put ou t through the KME N Station of San Bernardino. Written, most a bly we think. by Tom Hoover, they were the brain-ehild of a Itroup 01 Far-sigh ted dealers in that area. The response to this new ang le on advertising the two-w hee ler. instead of the b rand or dealer, has been l(ratifyinlt . Reports are already coming th rough of a new u ps urge in business. CYCLE NEWS will publish the whole series because they spe ll out many ideas about motorcycles and cycling that need to be said. and said well. The copy. expensive to create. was placed in the public domain by the Inland Motorcycle Dealers associa tion, and anyone is free to use it, says Skip Fordyce, spokesman for the IMDA. K/MEN CLIENT: CYCLE SAN BERNARDINO DEALERS Length , ONE MINUTE ( Background . Upbeat Organ Instrumental) "Women have more fun than ever before. and kids do too. More freedom . Of course kids used to have freedom, back in the early days , if they were lucky enough to have a horse. Learned responsibility too. 'cause they had to feed him. water him. take care of him . . . and, in exchange, they were allowed freedom to ride him about the countryside. Automo biles kimla spoiled that for a while , but now pare nt s are gjvin~ youngsters a taste of freedom in exchange for the respo nsib ility of ta king care of their own mo to rcy cle. . . It's a hobby. really. C leuntng, waxing, lu brica ting, cha ng lng spa rk plugs, fussing with ca rburetors. Kee ps 'em busy. Just a few do llars a mon th, an d a few cents mo re for gas. gives a boy or l(irl a liberal mcchanical education, nn education in traffic ru les. and freedom to come and go withou t Dad or Mom drivinl: 'em in the fam ily car. Good start into the ad ult world of freedom . with responsibility Motorcycling. Check into it .. . at your nearby dealer ." Lnok for the seco lld spot in tllis seric» next uicek ill CYCLE NE\I'S . FOR THAT NEW 3 Carefree days for two at the fabulous HONDA FREE VACATION INCLUDES Free Brea kfas ts Free Co cktails Free West ern Wel come Cocktai ls Free Be hind-The-Scenes Tour of the Free Afternoon Show Mint Cas ino Free Free Free Free BMW Horse Show Events Midni ght Thea tre Show wit h Swimming a nd Sunba th ing Del uxe Ho te l Accomodations REMEMBER TO SEE ED KRETZ & SON with purchase of new or used motorcycle of over $300. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OF ALL 1966 HARLEy.DAVIDSONS WESTE RN U.S . DIS TRIBU TOR FOR any trade-i n o .k. 4 8 used Har/ ey-Davidsons, many Hond as, Yama ha , Triumph, BSA etc. OP EN FRIDAY til 9 TUES. • SAT til 6 . 100% Financing • 36-Month Plan • Bank Financing· New & Used * ""'_1 Soh,o.doy ,olr. . ..... ,han ,..". to ,..., f~1 HQri,py-Oovtdton "ore in ,.... W",. Ajl ,. odtt-ont _Ic;~. * w. co n y 0 full ..... of, Ho"-'" OCCfttol'o.n. Lo~ ..toe" or rod,'") c hrotnt!' o PPG'''. Com".... « (""0".' d. po n~ "t. * w. 0,. _",o nee 09."~ Pl & PO. U",""".d ;l\Ch"d iftQ S14.SO p.-' 6 $22 .00 for ~,h. on gwo. • South So n Gabriel , Ca lif . • IIAELLI MOTORCYCLE Tires &Tubes SPEED - SPORT TH E T OUGHEST ENG INE OIL IN THE WORLD "" oto, i,t, fO" 2SOcc. 25Oc(. LAIDLAW'S HARLEY-DAVIDSON SALES 835 1 E. Garvey Blvd . ~UZUKI Phones: 280-3977 -283. 1584 -448-6644 417 E. GARVEY AVENUE, MONTEREY PARK, CALIFORNIA ATlenti c 0-8 244 o r CU mbe r/end 3·4277

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