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THURSDAY. DECEMBER 16, ' 1965 VOLUME II, NUMBER 40 WET OR DRY AT BAY MARE Photos by C. Clayton and Ja ck Byrd Weathe r had it in for little bikes last Sund ay at the beautiful Bay Mare course in Simi Valley. Th e sponsoring Simi Valley M.C. could care less if the bun g were in or out of He aven's rainbarrel, "Rain or Shine" the poster said, and the weatherm an provided both. A coward with a 2-wh eel drive Trail Breaker could have clean ed house in the und er-25Occ class that morning. Short ened to two laps, the small bike heats and motos drug on for 10-20 minntes around a track so slippery in the rain that one could not walk around it, let alone ridc. Finally the graded surf ace was avoided altogethe r and racers barrelled around th e grassy verge, which offered at least some tracti on. Watchers convulsed themselves lau ghin g as slips, slides and pratfalls piled rid ers and machines in a muddy heap on nearly every hill and tum. It was a rider' s course, where horsepower alone would not get it. At noon the cloud s parted and sun shone (Continue ~on Page 7) I· HAPPY SMILE OF A WINNER. S. LEWIS WHO TRUMPED ALL THE ACES IN THE 250 NOVICES MAIN EVENT. \ ONLY O~E {!'. SHOT GUN ENDURO MORE ISSUE OF CYCLE NEWS 'TIL VACATION PROSPECTORS HOST 3-LOOP GOLD MINE By Larry Haley With fresh rain on th e desert a 300-plus field got away to a unique one- banner start. Once safely away their trails divided to differen t compa ss points. T he big boys roared eastwards to tackle three 30-mile loops, the 250's turned south for two circuits of 30 miles each and the 'trailers' appropriately headed West for their 4lap xl2-miles test. From the word go it was Mulder, Coleman and Nelson, battling wheel to wheel with the lead constantly changing hands . Shortly aft er leading Eddie out of the pits Coleman performed an endo to end all endcs. This did his rear shocker a little bit of no good at all and put him out of business as far as the lead was concemed. But he soldiered on to the finish line. Among the casualti es reported with engine troubles were Bob McLaughlin, Mike Patrick, and Ken Knudsen. . EDDIE MULDER AND RON NELSON FIND A QUIET MOMENT FOR A CHAT ON THE PROBLEMS OF DESERT RIDING. Lap num ber two saw Mulder and Nelson still scrap ping out in front, hotly chased by La rry Bergquist and Walt Axthelm in third and fourth pla ce. Fin al lap brought trouble to Ron N. He e merged from a very rocky sec tion with a rear flat for his pains, and came home two minutes beh ind Mulder. Photos on page 6 By Darryl Skrabak North ern Cal's mot orcycleski season opened Dec. 5th with the 12th annual Shot Gun Enduro, sponsored by the Yellow Jackets of Palo Alto. Event was based on Cook's Station about 30 miles from Jackson, on Highway 88. It attrac ted 238 bikes and one Volks. wagen, the latter used by Bernie Bemheisen to lay out and check the course . A spe cial, stripped affair with fat snow tires, it certainly provided the most comfortab le way around. . For the bikes it was 10 miles of slother. Away from the snow it was gra nd running, but half the course had up to a foot of FREE TRIALS FUN-FOR-ALL snow on it. Th e white stuff severely cramped the 24mph schedule aimed at by the competitors. Tn fact, two hours after the first man (Continued on Page 8) With reporters flung far and wide over the Califomia countryside last Sunday, CYCLE NEWS joumeyed with most of the staff to Perris, again, wbere the In land Motorcycle Dealers Associat ion put on a free Trials and Balancing contes t aided by the California Eagles and Never Ready's Motorcycle clubs. To enter the contest, your cycle had to have a muffler (Riversid e enthusiast, are acting to KEEP their recreation areas ) . It helped a great deal if it also had a ltiant cheater sprocket. plenty of slow slog"ing power, and fresh knobbies with about three pounds of air in the front and six pounds in the rear, secured by sheet metal screws driven through the rims. We took along a couple of Trail 90's, zenerously lent by Long Beach Honda, a 175<:c Montesa Enduro, a 250cc Greeves Enduro machin e which had been suitably modif ied for trials, and even includ ed "The Puny Express;' our 55cc office shag bike , contribu ted by Jiff y Air' Tool Comp any. Like every othe r enthusiast who rode all 10 observed sections 3 times, we leam ed much better the slow, precision riding style need ed to navigate the ru gged course with out losing points . After struggling thr ough in our usual style. we asked trials master Nick Nicholson for some pointers which he was happy to divul ge. It is best to stand up on the pegs, leaning one's body to the outsid e. (Continued on Page 2) ROAD RIDERS RIDE FOR HANDICAPPED KIDS By Robert O. Fee South ern California Road Riders jammed the Alhambra Savings & Loan meeting hall to capacity Monday evening, December 6th, as new representatives from the various clubs gathered to elect officers for ,1966. Also schedule d on the agenda was a talk by Mr. Stan Barton of Scale, Inc., and an Executive Board report on the Hope Hous e project. An enthusiastic reception was given the Executive Board recommendation th at the commit tee proce ed with the promultipl y handicapped children. Each club zram of aid to Hope House, a home for proceeded to adopt one of the 21 children to provide him with Chri stmas gifts of toys and clothes. Three club s attending the meeting with intenti ons of joining th e RRC virtu ally demanded that they be allowed to part icipate in this program. Th e remainin g clubs pledg ed substan tial amounts of cash to finance the December 19th party for the children. Ivan Gay of th e California Eagles M.C., kicked off the donations by handi ng a twent y-dollar check to RRC Treasurer Bob Adsit. Th e Playboys and Whittier Rejects contrib uted $30 eac h and the Highway Kings anted io $40.00. Th e Slowpokes of Poinona committe d themselves to a 21~ RCA TV for the home and Darrel Steen of the Pacific Coast ~1.C. sta ted that his club would pur chase the children a wheel cha ir very badly nee de d by the Hope House . Thi s is an outla y of approximately $165.00. Th e local chap ter of the Motor Maids handle all det ails of the Chri stmas part) and dinner. Each club will rid, into the Hope House Sund ay the 19th and depos it their gifts under the tree. The Ace of Clubs M.C. will provid e radio communications and co-ordinate the ride-in. Mrs. Anna Collins of Whittier is receiving contributions to the cause (New diapers are badly needed - for a 16 yr. old) and can be reached at 944-5959 evenings. The Centurions M.C. of San ' Pedro were accepted into the RRC and three more club s, the Santa Ana Cruisers , Artesia Motor Jockeys and the Sociables M.C. applied for membership. Th e assembly passed a motion tha t the RRC honor Sharon Delong with their vote as the most typical girl rider in the AMA contest. All membe r club s were urzed to vote for Miss Delong, who is a member of the Norwalk Rockets M.C. Nominations for 1966 officers were op- (Continued on Page 8)

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