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2 N o /ISeason"(C on t. fr orn SPeD TlJNINC ROAD & _ AlXESSORIES 1111 IE.PDIlY IUD. cana IUA, CILIF . 0141 M:I-4IQ Touvh one -p ie ce a cti o wea r in Lycro st re tch w hi pc o rd t w ill. Belt not indo Trim wois ...,ug MO', taper Block . Beige, Wh No.,.,. loden . F 1Iu.. Sto'. heigh •• w e ight . Sh ipp«t un ,,,ffed l 21 .00 c;ro'up prices fo r teoms a nd club •. (Also sizes for Her in faded blue or beige. ) TIE-SK IVVIES l -pe . undergormen' in sl ick 2 .woy str etch NyICWl' Lyuo . Abdominal con trol for oll ·doy adi ", i· ti.,. Top er tono , supp ort.r po uch . Wh it• . S.M.L. ' .00 Plus 50« sh ip pinv 1to . order. 5.nd 25« co in today for rww color photo catolOQ of Cycle SpOrtt.weor. front p a ge) salesman ' of the 'Si xties, be fore he bec ame Ad vertising Manager of CYC LE NEWS, long since di spelled any ill usion that sal es in this state should drop off naturally a t certain times of year. He poin ts to ple nty of local exam ples in reb u ttal t o those who say th at the "s low season" is upon u s : Dan Doy le of Wilmington Honda sold 9 motorcycles last Sa tur da y ; Norm Best 's Buena P ar k s tor e sold 12 motorcycles last week. S ki p Clark's sold more in Oc tober than ever before. Only one d eal er (w ho incid entally does not advertise in CYC LE NEW S) reported sales had dropped. Gil is es pecially irked by dealers who close up shop on rainy days. " I often sold more mo torcycles on rainy d ays than when t he sun w as shining." says Gi l. "T hats w hen the construction workers and people in the outdoor trades come in to buy," he explains. To simplify the problem of conve rsing wit h pessim istic d ealer s a nd salesmen, Gil has w or ked out a code to interpret negative statements. We offer it here for the benefit of others similarly irked: When a dealer says, "Nobody wants t o bu y a motorcycle at this time of year." He means : "I' m tired of w orking and want to take a vacation." When a dealer says, "The motorcycle business has reached its peak and now it's starting to go downhill." He means: " I've made en ough m oney in th e business. Now if 1 can sen my store for more than it's worth, I'll retire." When a salesman says, "Kids aren't b uyin g cycles these d ays beca use they are afraid t he y m ight ge t draft ed ." He means : " I'm not doing as good a job of selling as 1 used t o." When a businessman says, " I don't want to advertise my business." He m eans : 1) "I've got more business 22025 S. F igueroa -- Torrance . Cal if. ~~ Phone 328-1242 SAUS - SEIVICE rOO% OAC "IIANC'"' Open 7 Days Mon .-Sat . 10--7 Sun . 10--6 ~~ PUBLISHED WEEKLY EXCEPT FIRST A ND LAST WEEK OF CA LENDAR YEAR. @W@[1& W&r!ll£5 (Forme rly Motorcyde Joumal) 1185 E. 19th Street. Long Beach. California 591-2088 591-6113 P ublished by C & S Publish ing Company P . O. Box 498 Long Beach, Calif. 90806 "TIte Vo ice 01 California" Editor Charles Clayton S har on Clay ton Business Manager Gil Brown Advertising Manager Carl Bartlett Production Manager David S haw Competition Editor Dale Bo ller Ch ief P hoto graph er Joe Lopez, R ox y Rockwood, Robert Ebeling, Larry Healey, Ca rl Bartlett , Gor d on Sou th , Walt Mah ony Contributors Ad vertising rates sent on request. Ad vertising pre pared by AR Thompson, 546 W. Colorad o St., Gl endale , Calif.) Publ ished WMkly except f irst .nd I.sf week of calendar ye ar in Long Beach. Cal if. Any part of th is newsp. per may be UMd w ithout permission ., long u credit is v iven . Editori.1 contributions. cartoons, photo. w ill be paid fOl' on pub licat ion. wrrte for o ur generous contributor rate•. than 1 can handle and don't want to expand." or 2) " I don't have enough customers to afford advertising because 1 do n't advertise my business." M/CLISTS BLEED FOR RED CROSS Over 60 pints of good red blood were de posited in the Operation Motorcycle Blood Bank on Nove mber 8, 1965. Star ted 8 years ago as a pu blic relations program , the Operation is n ow spearheaded by K en J on es, 226 N. Ha m bl ed on, La P uente, Ca lif. (964-2674). Motorcyclist s who contri bute their blood to the Red Cross under Operati on M/C ca n draw on blood do nated by other motorcyclists at no charge. Cost of a pin t of blood when purchased fro m the R ed Cr oss is $25 a nd up. Eigh ty-three riders showed u p to donate at the Red Cr oss Bld g. in L os Angeles, rep resenting the following clubs: California Eagles, Norwalk Ce ntaurs, Mon archs, Ace of Clubs, Nit e Li gh ters, N ever Readys, J e wel City Di amonds, P aci fic Coast, Channel R iders, Wh itti er Rejec ts, Sou thwest Ch appa r als, Rainbows, Artesia Pioneers, P la y boys and Motor J ockeys. Eleven clubs in the L .A. a rea were not r epresented at all . (chi cken?). With 17 do nors rejected for various reasons, the 61 pints collected still leaves Ope ration Mot orcycle about 60 pin ts overdrawn. (Nearly 120 pints were needed recently to save the life of a motorcyclist suffering from leukemia). Watch CYCLE NEWS for the announcement of Operation M/Cs nex t bloo d d rive. We'll be r olling up our sleeve again (it doesn't h urt, really) and we hope to see you there. HA'S MAKE THE POST Readers of the old, formerly respected Sa tu rd ay E vening P ost were startled this week to find a pair of animals stari ng at th em from behind a motorcycle headlight. There, in full color on th e cover of t he w eekly ma gazine su p posedly founded b y Ben Fr anklin, were tw o tarnished examples of the ki nd of represe ntatives motorcycling can do without. More of the sa me cluttered the inside pages along wi th an article by William Mu rray which was foolishly sympathetic to the HA's. We su ppose it would be too much to ask, but since the HA-cult and its few followers r epres ent on e percent or less of th e ex pa nd ing m otorc ycle ph en om en on, and profess that they want to be left alone t o die out one by one, per haps the Post and some of the other mass magazines co uld tune their a ttentions t o some of the scandals of the pu blishing business a nd lea ve the HA -cult u nde-r their r ocks wi th the other rep tile-s. On e paragraph in the article, however, is worth reprinting her e as an examp le of how the HA's are dealt ... ( Continued on Page 3) -~ FOR THAT NEW HONDA BMW ~UZUKI REMEMBER TO SEE ED KRETZ & SON W TERN U.S. ES DISTR IBUTOR FOR 9 MO. WITHOUT... NOW THEY'RE HERE! s NEW 1966 CHALLENGERS LAMOREAU I lilLiE 1212 S. B,cnd Blvd. Glenda le MOTORCYCLE SPEED - SPORT Tires &Tubes THE TOUGHEST ENGI NE OIL IN T HE WORLD 417 E. GARVEY AVENU E. MONTEREY PA RK. CALIFORNIA AT lant ic 0-8244 or CUmbe rla nd 3·4277 ROIT... UllIOTDllCYCLE SALES STEVE HURO 1I0TORCYCLES IIAELLI 239 N. Anah.illl BI...d. 1257 S. LcB_ A.nohe im Inglewood JACI 8ALDllII MOTORCYCLES SIIELL .TOIIS 2705 P tee Santo M onica Lynw ood 1.t05 Olympic Blvd. Monteb.J lo II • •TORCYCLES 1689 LcCcdonc Rivers ide ClIlIPETlnOIl CYCLE SALES 505 w. A..... H-8 Lanca. ,., HOCKIE'S .TORCYCLES 22025 S. Fi...,-oo St. T OCTCInee BILL lRAUSE • J3.t6 CentUry Blvd. IIASOII IIOTOIIS 3360 E. CoI.ado Puc.... WESTERN DISTRIBUTORS NICHOLSON MOTORS • 11629 VAM OWEN ST•• MORTH HOLLYWOOD. CALIF. •

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