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Cycle News is a weekly magazine that covers all aspects of motorcycling including Supercross, Motocross and MotoGP as well as new motorcycles

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PAGE ELEVEN C_petitlOll Riden Always WeIc_ r, T,~p_ ElUL.T=CC AMERICAN CYCLE ASSOCIA TION . For race riders in speedway, moto-cross and road recing, as well .. enthusiast~ If you would like to compete or be associated wi th racing in the capacity of course personnel, contact the A.C.A . office, 1045 8 West Whiting, Fullerton, C!li f. or call (7104) 8047-7629. PLAYBOYS OF LONG BEAC MC INC. A.M.A. H Sanct ioned . Meets every Thursday 8 p.m. at 406 W. 23Ath St. Wilmington. Ph. TE 5-780 3. GREEVES HONDA PO RTERVILL E SPINNERS MC of Porterville. Cal if., AMA sene. Mee ts at Sp inne rs Clubhouse In9 Crystal SI.• Port erville, Cal if. every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Ma il address: P.O . Bo x 12"1, Porterville, Cal if. AMERICAN FEDERATIO N OF MOTORCYCL. ISTS (AFM) Meet s in Los Ang e les. " A d e mocra tically oroanized group of competition riders and race workers located th roug hou t the state of Cal iforn ia. Write AFM 5439 Troost Ave ., North Hollywood 91601. We Service An Makes 7 Miles West of CorriCJGnville ANTELOPE RAMBLE R'S Me of Palmdale, Calif. AMA wne. Meers lit Jack's Body Shop, 9010lh Sepulveda Blvd ., every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 8 p .m. Post·mee,ing. Ma a ad d reu: P.O. Box 6-45, Palmda le , Calif . Pho ne 9 47-243 4 or 9474633. 794 Los AnCJeIes St. Simi. Califan1 ia 526-9955 Jim & Dusty's PROSPECTORS MC of Gar d e na , Cal if.. AMA seee. Meets at Thornberg Park, Gardena, Calif. every Tuesday at 8 p.m . Ma il address: 1651 " ...rket St ., Gardena, Calif. ROUGH RIDERS MC of Paramount, Cal if. AMA sene. Meets a' 8A34 Harr ison St ., Paramount, every Thursday a' 8 :30 p .m. Ma il address: Ro ug h Jiliders MC, P.O . Bo x 516. Paramount , Calif. Phone ME 3-4368 . ROYAL RIDERS MC INC. of El Monte. Calif. AMA sane. Meets at 10814 Bryant Rd., EI Monte, ~very Monday 8 p .m.-first meeting o f month closed . Post ·meeting club run during act ivity contest. Shuffle board and skill pool 'a t clubhouse. Mail address: 10814 Bryant Rd., El Monte, Calif. CYCLE CLUB OF 1ST BAPTIST CHURCH of Van Nuys. M ~ts e ve ry Thursd ay at 7 :30 p .m . and Sat. at 1:00 p .m . Shop an d ma intenanc e facil it ies. Ad dr e ss c/o Richar d Co hen, f irst Bapt ist Chu rch, 14800 She rma n Way , Va n Nuys. SANDBLASTER MC ., f Ridgec res t. Mee ts every S Th ursd ay. Ma il add ress : P. O . Bo x 5709 Ch ina Lake , Calif. BOX 43128 SAN PEDRO MC of San Ped ro, Cali f. AMA sene . Me et s at Cabril Jo Beach Bo at ho use , Ca· brillo Beach, San Ped ro eve ry · Thursd ay at 8 :00 p.m. Mail address: 906 Paseo De l Mar , San Pedro, Calif. Phone : TE 3·2661. DIRT DIGGERS MC of Santa Mo n ica , Cal if . AMA Sanc. Meets Every Wed . at 8:30 p .m. at 2029'12 Po nl ius Rd., W. los An g e le s. Ma il address: 8921 11th Ave ., Ing le w ood. Ph. OR 8·2868. LOS ANGELES, CALIF . S EATS SCRAMBLERS MC o f San Fernando Valley, Ca lif. AMA Sene. Meet s Reseda Park Clu bhouse , Reseda, Calif. every Tues . nit e 8 :30 p.m . Ma il Address 751 4 R~seda Blvd ., Re!oeda, Cal if . Ph. 345-8678. DYNA-MITES MC of El Mo nte , Calif. AMA sane. Meets et 12359 Fel ipe , EI Monte e very Tue sda y at 8 :30 p.m. Mail address : 12359 Felipe, EI Mo nt e , Calif. Phone: G I 8-3.567. RACING FAIRINGS FA IR INGS GUARANTEED Best Made Anywhere FLAT TRACK, T.T. & ROAD RACE SEATS Brown Fairing SIDEHACK ASSN. of Southern Calif. AMA ehertered. Meets at The York Club, nl0 So. Wesrern Ave ., los Angeles e ve ry 1st & 3rd Monday at 8:30 e.m , Mail address : 10126'h Mounta in Ave ., Tuiunga, Cal if. FOUR ACES MC invite you to our meeting any Thursday night at 8 :00 p.m. in the Field House beh ind the ban diamond North Ho llywood Park on Chandler Street. Four Ace s MC, 8231 Langdon Ave ., Apt. 15, Van Nuys, Cal if. ~~ P hone (714) 633-1627 CO.130~~'::'~~. SIMI VALLEY MC of Simi Valley. Calif. AMA s"nc. compet ition club only . Mee t. every Tue sday at 8 p .m. Mail address: P.O . Bo x 127, Simi, Calif . Phone 526-9955 or J im & Dusty 's . FO OTHILL HAWKS MC. M_ts c'/er-( Tues. at 8:30 p .m. at 116 5. 6th St ., Montebello, Cal if. . for fu rther info. call Paul at 699..Q298 . SINNERS MC of Torrance, Cal if. AMA Mne. Meets at McMaster Park , 362A W. Arte sia Blvd ., every Mond ay at 8 p.m . Ma il address: 11202 S. New Hampshire, los Angeles. Phone 222-2720. HILL TOPPERS MC INC. of Signal Hill , Cal if . AMA Sand. Meets at 2255 C~rritos, side ent ran ce, Signal Hill. Thun. at e p.m. Post Mee t inQ r~fr~shmen ts . Mail addr~ss: P. o. 8 0 11 1746 . l o ng Be ach, Calif. SPOKE.BENDERS o f South Bay. Desert com · petition club. AMA chartered. Mee t 1st & 3rd Sat . p.m . each month al EI Tiro Par k in Torrance. Mot :l: Ron White, 36 19 W. 152nd Street: lawndale. OS 9-6748. JACKRABBIT COMPETITION MC. Meets every Mon d a y et 8 :30 p.m . at the Jackrabb ;t club "'ous~. 91 43 East Compton Blvd .. Be llflo w e r (just off lakewood Blvd .) Ph. 861-6345. LO S PADRES MC Inc. of AMA senctioned competition every ls t and 3rd Tl,urs . Pre s. : Bill Lutt rull , Secv .: ad d ress: 697 Vine St., Oa k 649 ·7972. SOUTHERN CALIF. TRIALS ASSOC IATIO NE"9 lish Trials enthusiasts. Secretary: Ra ymo nd Moreau, A707 W. 16Ath St., lawndale . 370 · 8491 . Observers welc::>me and need ed . Ve"tura Co un ty. clu b only. M~ets o f each mo n th . Pl,il Todd . ""'t il View, Cal. (80S) SUNLAND SHAMROCKS MC of Sun lan d , Ca lif . AMA sanc . M ~ets every Wed nesday at 8: 15 p .m . "t t he Sunland Park Recre at io n Cen te r in Sunland . Ma il address : P.O. 80 . 51 5, Su n land . Ca lif . LUCKY FEW MC AMA '-anet. me ets h t & 3r d Tue s. al 7: 30 o.m. 13406 lake wood Blvd ., Bl!' Iflo w e r• Ar H re ~" 13831 Yaa k St., Gar d en l Grove. (714 ) 89 3· 1156. TRINITY TRAILSTERS MC. INC. Meets h t Wed . & 3rd Sun . at 6 :30 p.m. at Ki. e r Bro s. Cycle Shop. Ma il ad dress : Box I n. Willow Creek , Ca lif. . Mt) TORCYCLE CLUB meet second Thu rs . of e ach mo nt h. Fnr info rmation call FR 9· 3.56A, o r wri te 1717 Wall aC:l t St., t Jile d!') d o Beach , Ca lif . n VALLEY TRACKERS Me of Se pulv eda, Ca lif. AMA se ne, Mee ts at 90101/2 Seculve d e Blvd . every Monda y at 8 c .m. Post Meetin g . Mail Add ress : c/ o Do n Matt son , P.O . Box 3367 , Gra nada Hills, Ca lif. N OMAf)'l: ORANGE COUNTY MC o f Or ange Ccun rv . Calif. AMA -" nc. Mf!'''!''' at c1ubl,ouse, Tra sk & N ewhece . Gar d e ., Grnve . Calif., ev ery Mond av lit e om . M",1f addre,,: Tra sk & Ne w ho pe , G ", rd~n Gro ve . Calif. VICTO R McLAGLEN MOTOR CORP. of Holl y. wood. Cali f.. AMA sene. Mee ts at Was hi ng ton & Ma in, 2531 South Ma in St .• l os Ange les everv Tuesday a' 9 O.m. Ma il addreu.: Aa53 W. 13ht St. , Haw'hor ne . Pho ne: 722~5 1. P4S4DEN A Me of Paslidena, C.lif. AMA sane. Meets at 2 1 E. Howard, Pa sade na . e very Mo n. da ... . t 8 om. Po st .meetinq refreshments. Ma il address : 21 E. Ho w ard , Pasadena. Cal ifor n ia . IS YOUR CLUB LISTE HERE? D PERRIS VALLEY MC of Pe rris. Ca lif. AMA sanc. M~ I" " t Perr is M., torcvcl e TrltCk every 1st & 3·d Frid avs At 8 :00 e.m. Ma il address: P.O . Boll 371 o r 4n Pe rris. Cal if.• Phone h57-3678 . TCHLE55 • . HOBAIA SALES· PARTS · SERVICE EDDIE CROWELL 10.4 27 P ra ir ie , In glewood OR . 3· 9S7 3 HOME OF CHAMPIONS IRV SEAVER BSA. BMW. SUZUKI SAL ES · PAR T S· SE RVI C E 2402 N. MAIN ,SANTA ANA( 71 542-8691 4) OLD INDIANS NEVER DIE l org e stock of Ind ion Pa rts. fr om 1930 '0 19 6 1 - Scout, Chief & Worrior (N o " 4· ' Ports ). 8 0 rgoin p rices. Moil cede rs promp'ly fille d Sammy Pierce Ind ian BSA Sales 933San Gabriel 81 San G , abriel, Cal . CYCLE NEWS P.O . Box 498 , Long l each. Cali'. (ANOTHER FREE SERVICE) r----------------------------TO GET CYCLE NEWS: ; I I I I I I I :1 WHEN is a Little Bear Run? WHERE is a Little Be ar Run? - - WATCH CYCLE NEWS - in' orma 'i(Oft to Sand I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I fJJlA~r$5 'lJ For on ly five dollars you can hav e a full yea r's supp ly (50 issue s) of Cycle News delivered Frida y th rou gh Tuesday via 3rd class mai l. Or , ~ /A~7h7Eb1$10 'lJ will put you o n our 1st class mailing list. For o ne full year yo ur copy w ill be mai led ou t first, del ive red as quic kly as a lette r. Or . K /jl ~ 7Il~ 71 $17.50 Ir/!{j~ IJ!J. ~ IJ II I ( Ci r cl e Encl osed pl•• M find check or money order 'or $5 (3rd clas s ma il). one) I want a First Cla ss lspeedy) ma il su bscript io n to CYClE NEWS. I h.v. en cloMd a check or money order fOf $10. OK, send my wee kly copy of CYCLE NEWS v ia h t Class AIR MA IL fo r on~ year. I hav e endosed a check money order for $17 .50 . Name Addre ss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . City . , . . . . . . . ~_____ _ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . State . . . . . . . . Zip Code . . '. ' . . . . ~ or ~ ~,~~ II A ROAD TOAD? I I GET A J&R SLEEPER KIT -INSTALLED COMPLETE- entitles you to 1ST CLASS : AIR MAIL delive ry an y- I w he re in the U.S.A. (p resent subscribers p lease wr ite for rates) . Be the first I kid o n your block to know wh at happened this week. Send yo ur subscription today . I Pl.... pl~ my na me o n your aub aalpt lon U.t for SO issue s (OM .,..r). IS YOUR YDS-3 I I I I I I I I I I I I ~------J Kit includes chromed downsweep expansion chamber with built-in silencer (strai g ht-thro ug h bu t legal for street), hiRh comp ression twin heads. port and polish borell, modified pis tons and f ine tuning. Tun ing includes jets, plugs, all ports and la bo r. For fu rther information ca ll, Ray (his own se lf) Wilkinson 442-0545 ~:tl~ ~ .... )~

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