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• '¥ C " ',~ (Formerly Motorcycle Journal) PRICE: 15 CENTS THURSDAY. OCTOBER 28. 1965 VOL. II NO. 33 ASCOT ROAD DRAGS CYCLE A LLEY By R. A. EBELING How do you cool an engine wi th hot air? This was the question asked most often this weekend. Despite the heat, a new E.T. and sp ee d record was set by Moulders and Reese on their Norton in B Street cla ss. Their is really a mark for other riders and owners to sight on: 12.43 seconds, 105.63 m.p.h. Murray and Cook showed the signs of fine teamwork by winning their class at both strips and taking top fuel at Fontana. These fellows have run on the International Team and are 'consistant winners, I yet cannot obtain a sponsor. Some- Dan Kle ima n w ring s o ut his ne w V4 mile missil e at Fontana Saturd ay . ~. , ... 10 ' . body (a Triumph dealer?) is missing out on a good thing. Last week their cycle outran all the cars in both E.T. and mph. Bob Michael "The Black Knight" was also a double winner, but had to make every gear change clean t o outpace Purves with his Harley at Lions. Som e competition bikes try hard and yet never quite make the head of the class. But Jerry Johnson showed us all it can be done by taking the trophy D in Street. A Street is no t" a cla ss to be overlooked. At both strips Harley did it. Ski p Laughlin showed us how at Fontana in B Street class. He would have been reading the opponents number at Lions. One and a half second slower than Moulders and Reese. Lio ns Drag strip does run bikes on Saturdays. The gates open at 1:30 p.m. Elim in ations start at 6:30. Your bike must turn a IS second or better elapse d time. A CLEAR, WARM MORNING Most of us who ride the Johnson Run every year see it les s as a challen ge to our competitive instincts than an in vitation to have fun on our bikes in company with others of our nature in whom we can take pride. As a result, few took the schedules seriously and we all enjoyed the ride. Waking up before the sun seems to give one a clean head start on the day. This we thought, enjoying the empty pre-dawn freeways leading into Pasadena. Other birds were earlier yet, we discovered. At the starting place of the rally motorcycles already lined the street adjoining the Triumph distributorship founded by the late Bill Johnson . Am ong them, or soon to arrive, were nearly every major and minor celebrity the Western motorcycle business has. From Kenny Von Dutch to J. C. Parkhurst, from Lloyd Thaxton to Hector Monje and from the ''Times'' to CYCLE NEWS we drank co f fee and marvelled at the clear warm day. CYCLE NEWS was comfortably ( Continued on Page 5) DESERT Ken Knudsen won the state championship hare scrambles by fo ur mi nutes Sunday after taking the lead from hard-luck Ron Nelson 12 miles from the finish. Nelson led 54 miles of ·the 72-mile race - from the first check on loop one to the second check on loop three - before his clutch gave out and his throttle cable snapped. Nelson had taken the lead from Bill Morales after the first check and was six minutes ahead of the pack when the troubles hit him. He still managed to finish 11th . Less than two months ag o, Nelson had to return to the pits in the natio nal cham pionship h are scrambl es when his seat came off. That t im e, he came back to finish fourth. Knudsen led a six-rider Triumph sweep in the Buzzards Mot orcycle Club race, with Don Surplice second and Wayne Moore third. G ary Conrad finished seventh overall, and was the first lightweight in . Conrad, Gr e- ( Continued on Page 4) Unique is the word fo r this flexi sideca r built by Geo. Barris and soo n to be se e n in the mo vie "Out of Sig ht .". It is powered by a Yamaha Big Bea r Scrambler and was ridden by Don and J anice Brymer of Long Beach . LOUIS TAKES fIRST ASCOT VICTORY AS HALF-MILE EXPERT Guy Lou!s, second-year expert who still holds two amateur track records, won the first main event of his expert career Friday night at Ascot Park. Louis blew by Sammy Tanner coming out of the south turn on la p eight, then held off Dan Haaby for the victory. Haaby slid inside Tanner going into the north turn on lap eight, dropping the season point leader to third place. Mert Lawwill finished fourth and Dick Hammer fifth. Louis has finished second on his Sh ell Thuett-tuned Enfield m ore than a half- dozen times this year. Several times, he has led early in the race before dropping to the runnerup spot. I n recent weeks, he has started poorly then made a late charge for the lead only to run out of time. Friday night he finally put together a good first half and a good second half to win the gold. He stayed close to Tanner for seven laps, took advantage of his opening and won by six lengths. Tanner, who had an ll-race win streak snapped by Blackie Bruce Oct. 8, has now finished third twice in a row and hasn't won a main since Oct. 1. He still leads the point standings though, by more than 500 points ove r Ha aby . Tanner won his heat and beat Ham m er, Haaby and Eddie Hammond in the trophy dash Friday night to up his 1965 win total to 41 - the same number he won last year. He has three weeks to improve that record. Hammond won his six t h main event and 26th race of the year, taking the yellow plate main over fast closing Jim Nicholson and Gene Romero. The time of 3:59.27 was the fastest of the year. Hammond's 1:58.73 he~t was also the year's fastest. Nicholson rode the last five laps of (Co nt inued on Page 3)

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