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(Formerly Motorcycle Journal) PRICE: 15 CENTS VOL. THURSDA Y. OCTOBER 21. 1965 ROAD n NO. 32 DESERT Ne il Keen wins the po t of gold A hel me t tr ee in Bill Riley SCRAMBLES Bill Riley w hipped C. H. Wheat two of three ti m es Sunday to win the open ex pert moto cross in the Sinners M IC TT scrambles at Prado Park. J im Hunter breezed to three strai ght mo to vict ori es t o beat Dan Kell y and Monte Darling in the 500cc expert ch ase. Four brands of motorcycle won all but one of the 18 races in an unusual show of domination. Triumph and Bultaeo riders won six events each. Honda won four, BSA tw o and Montesa one. Triumph ran one-two-three in the open expert, open amateur and. 500cc novice and swept the first five places in the open novice. Bultaco swept the f"trst fi ve in the 125cc amateur and 200cc amateur, ran one-two-three in the 250cc amateur and one-two-with Steve Scott and Jim Berry - in the 250cc expert main. While the big name machines were (Continued on Page 3) CYCLE NEWS N OW ON NEWSSTANDS Starting last week, CYCLE NEWS, California's onl y weekly motorcycle newspaper, went on sale at drugstores, .markets and newsstands loc ally through arrangements with Acti on Distributors. A jump in Paid circulation of 1,000 copies per week is expected as aresult' of this move, since each of the 96 outlets has been checked for enthusiast sales by Ac tion Distributors' Joe Sutton, who also di stributes the weekly Drag News and bi -weekly Boat News locally. Readers who wish to see CYCLE NEWS sold at their favorite newsstand are urged to ask the proprietor to get in touch wi th our circula tion department by calling 591-6113 collect if necessary and we w ill d ispatch his first copies by motorcycle. ASCOT Wh itewater A NNUAL TRO UT FRY FEEDS MULTITUDE , It was little short of a miracle last Sun day w hen three local Tr tumph merchants dished up 800 trout dinners for the unprecedentedly large number of road riders who gathered in Whitewater (Mo jave desert) for t he 13th an nual fish feed. . Loa ves and fishes were in abundance at the cool green oasi s nestled in a range of colorful hills near Highw ay 60. Be ans, cold slaw, punch and coffee rounded out the si m ple but satisfying bill of fare. Hun gry riders soon gobbled up all the fish that had been ca ug ht earlier by the t h r e e sponsors and late arrivals were treated to fresh -caugh t trout, no m ore than minutes out of the water. Following the feast, people relaxed on the shady lawns or explored the surroundi ng cou ntryside. Fordyce presided over the traditional drawing for more than 40 prizes including the giant Johnson Motors sweepstakes trophy won by Helen K night , an oil painting, ri di ng accessories, magazine and CYCLE NEWS subscriptions donated by local friends, dealers and publishers. Johnson Motors, w ho underwrite the run each year, were represented by Messrs. William Ceder and Elden Wright, attending for the western Triumph d istributor. (P h otos on Page 6) NEIL KEEN FLIES (DUST, TOO) 'O V ER DRY ASCOT TRACK Ne il Keen, flashing the form that carried hi m to a r ecord 19 main event vi ct ories in 1961, won his second main of the year at Ascot Park Friday n ight over a dusty, wind-blown track. Thirteen riders fell in the 17-event program because of the loose dirt, dry course and absence of traction. Vis ib ility was so limited at times by the sw irling dust that r acin g was held up almost 40 minutes after theamateur semi. Keen and his BSA beat Cal Rayborn and season po int leader Sammy Tanner in the 15-lap expert main after he, Tanner and Mel Lacher won the heats. Keen's time was 6:41.51, almost one fu U minute off the track record. Other times were equally poor. H-D mounted Jim Nicholson won the amateur main in 4:27.16 (t he record is 3:58.18), and Ron Kruseman (Honda) took the eight-lap novice final in 3:41.62 (the record is 3:17:72). Nicholson's win was his sec 0 n d straight and 10th of the year on three different brands. He is now only 26 points behind point leader Eddie Hammond. Hammond beat Tanner, Lacher and Blackie Bruce in the tr0phy dash. but finished fifth in the (Continued on Page 7) WHAT, ANOTHER CONTEST? CYCLE NEWS had such good luck w ith its contest to se lect a new name that the editors have decided to sponsor another contest. Actually, we were to announce the contest in last week's issue. We were going to publish the list of 1965 AMA national winners with their machine brands scrambled, then ask you readers to unscramble them. Well. we scrambled the brands all right. But we forgot to explain why. Now some people may think we were actually sloppy enough to make all those mistakes. Can you imagine that? You can? Hmmm. With our typesetter bleary-eyed from celebrating the Dodgers' World Series vi ctory, and our editors were just plain bleary, we offer no excuses. So get out your last week's issue of CYCLE NEWS, tum to page seven and match the bike makes with the riders and the events they won. All the brands, in proper quantities, are there. Send your lis t to CYCLE NEWS, Box 498, Long Beach , Calif. Winner with the earliest postmarked entry gets a cash prize or a ticket to the 1969 World Series. Answe r will be published next week. ...... .. ".'.'.1.'.' ..".. '" , Conr ad Overwhelms Big Bike Desert Aces Again Gary Conrad, who rides better on a lightweight than most riders do on big bikes, added the Checkers' 90mile hare and hound title to his burgeoning list of desert victories Sunday before last. Conrad piloted his 250cc Greeves to first overall in the two-loop race, as lightweights swept four of the first five places. Only big bike in the top (Continued on Page 6) COLLEGE WANTS M IC INSTRUCTORS Dean Franklin Johnson of Los Angeles Trade Technical College is hoping to offer a complete junior college course in motorcycle mechanics to start next February. The college, loc ated at 400 W, Washington Bl vd ., Los Angeles, is now sorting out its curriculum and taking instructor applications from qualified members of the motorcycle ind ust ry. Requirements for instructors in the juni or college course are seven years' experience in motorcycle mechanics (of which one out of the last three years must be full time) high school diploma and good character. Instructor's pay is $6,000 per year to start, although men w it h college background could receive more. Top pay for a junior college instructor is $14,000 per year. A t present, only daytime classes are contemplated. Another need, according to Dean Johnson, is f or equipment to teach the course. Too ls, engines and complete mo torcycles are lacki ng for classroom use. Dean Johnson can be reached at RI 9-7021, extension 153. Qualified people who wish to enter the prestigious teaching profession are urged to call for an interview appointment. "'. '" t ... -. " ..... . ..

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