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(Formerly Motorcycle Journal) VOL . II NO. 31 PRICE: IS CENTS THURSDAY. OCTO BER 14. 1965 Fun on Funbikes ~ I I CARLSBAD COURSE GOOD Cycle tra ils are not clearly marked . paper you h ave to be quick), the total paid was a mere $5.70. Ther e was no charge for mileage. The fun was worth it at twice the price (for two), although we would suggest that if you do this often it might be just as well to buy the machine and have done with it. Ours was new, but scuffed about the handl ebars from some previous lessee's pa vement landing and those graunches cautioned us eloquentl y that ev en funbikes can cause a rash if used rashly. In case we mi ssed their point, simple safety rules were printed on the t ank. Tw o of us lardies whizzed on the brisk little performer to the ne w ch ild ren 's zoo, where cubs, calves, kittens, kid s and othe r u nfledged ani- (Continued on Page 2) Technical FABULOUS 50 - Enough for a Classic? . 'n':'1:/-{r7/f. .tl ~ ." 1 • J , _.. .. J PRADO PARK RIDING RENTED CYCLES IN THE PARK Los Angeles's public haven is Griffith Park. Plunked smack in the middle of the metropolis as it is, Griffith extends miles in every direction. From the Planetarium at the end of Vermont street to the narrow cycle trails on the Glendale side, the park preserves a pleasant morning or afternoon for every person. For our visit to the park last weekend, CYCLE NEWS rented transportation for two from Burban k's Suzu ki Fun Center where they do a brisk rental business in Suzukis for the nearby park. They were happy to J en t us a strong little eighty at $3.35 for the first hour, and when we returned i t l 'h hours later (on a weekly news- CAL CHAMPS DECIDED GRIPSTERS THROW TOP TT; HAMMER NIPS VAN LEEUWEN Here Ve sco leads Buckner. By C.C. Witnesses ' to the first races at the new Carlsbad course last Sunday shall remember October 10, 1965 as the day they first got to see nearclassic performances by some or"California's swiftest throttle-twisters on a fine race course blessed by benevolent skies and adequate facilities. Appropriately nicknamed, the small-bores got the day's racing un- · der way. Soon they were followed by screaming 250cc racers, to the delight of the rather large crowd watching this display of talent and expensive equipment. On with the Production Races, our cheers 'going for ace CYCLE NEWS reporter Rick Hutchins winning his class wall-to-wall on his daily transportation, a 250cc Sprint. Ron Christie on a 750cc Norton won overall. Then (gas p!) the Big Race----350, 500 and Unlimited classes all bumping off together in one unremitting wail . . . except Gordon Jennings' orange and white striped Harley fire-breather, which balked at starting, and completed only a couple of laps. Ron Grant (Manx ) and Don Ve sco (Matchless) began to fl y half-airborne down "Wheelie Hill" into the hairy east hairpin ("Cy cle World" should have some neat shots of this) in tight company w ith Yamaha mounted John Buckner and John Humphries. Their duels lap after lap were glorious to see . When the races ended, there were no losers--every cycle buff had gained a successfully baptized, expensive new raceway, inviti ng enough for a motorcycle classic. (Photos on Page 7 } CAL MIC REGISTRATION NEARS 'Y

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