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PAGE TWELVE - Thun.. Sept. 23.1965 - THE IfEW MOTORCYCLE .JOUllKAL • c FREE ADS WANT • I As a special service to its readers, The New Motorcycle Journal this week institutes a new policy - free want ads for everyone until further notice. You may advertise anything, whether it is related to motorcycling or not. Want to sell your mother-in-law? Advertise her without cost in The New Motorcycle Journal. Want to hire a bartender? Buy a house? Find a job as a snuff manufacturer? Sell a genuine autographed picture of Adolph Hitler? The New Motorcycle Journal will accept free want ads for onetime insertions only. The ads should not exceed 25 words, and the newspaper reserves the right to edit or omit ads as it sees fit. Don't delay. Send your want ad today. It won't cost anything - and you just might get rid of your mother-in-law. Address ads to The New Motorcycle Journal, 1185 E . 19th St. Long Beach, Calif. 90806. 1964 Z50 c c PAR ILLA T OURIST $425, 1')604 Z50 c:c Monte n . Di~b lo SCram b l er $4 75 19 64 IZS c C' Y &m ~" AutoJ ube $325. Ste ve Hurd Mo torcycle . H 05 O lym pic . Mon te b e llo, caJ if o l"fd a HARMA N I. COLLrNS TT SPECIAL 19 62 T r iu m p h Bonnevi.lle, C omp l e te ...a (eat11red io n C ycl e World Magazine . with duill i.ngni ti on .ya t em , AI Cunter M a gne a e u i m wheet. • Disc: b r akes l or bo th whe el . , l ul l e e t of sprocket.. Engine an d t c omp le tel y r ebuilt prior to Natio n&1s thi s A u gust. C omp l e te r e .ady to e- e .e. a $1300 .0 0 H ·D M ECH WA NTED. mus t be exp, See San V all e y H arle y.Davidllon Sales, 1611 3 Sherman W...y . V ~ Nuys. Phone 780 -9869 De an Humm er . M a R41ger Fern~do MOTOR CY CLES WA NTED , T o p Dollar ~ id lor used T r iumphs --- A ny c o n d i ti o n . Bill Robert.on & Sons , In c . , 6525 Si&n ta Monica Blvd.. Hollywood HO 7 - 2 14 1 MOTOR CY CL E SALES. service a nd r e n ta l s in C s t gr o w i ng O nge Cou nty coastal a re a . Lo w a r e n t . $5 .000 total pr i c e Inckueed equity in 18 moto r c ycles , toota and fixtures . E xcellent o p portunit y f o r youn g pe r eoe. Reti ri ng per doc tor orders . (7 14) 6 7 5 - 34 50 . 7:30 _ 9:30 p m FUN DOWN MEXICO WA T -INT mNATJONA L SCR AM B LES. OCtober Z Ir. l . apomaor ed by the Ensen;t.& Motorcycl e Clob. T .-o pJlIl_ I . Z . l. Novice . cJqtcrt cb.ases iD. l.SO. SOD. 6SOcc.. Limed frOln Plaza. WA N T E D EX P E R I E NC E D T R IUMPH Mechanic p r o f i t .Iuni ng pan _ Xtut s ...lary . Bill Robe rtson " So n_ , In c . , 6525 S~ta Mo nica B l vd,. Hollywood. HO 7 . 2 J4 1 HO 7 - 34 2 7 ' 6 4 GREEVEs s.o, B'R'L. Ex - Phil Hill Machine 500 m i l e s, Street & Dir t Equipment , Licensed, Make offer 393 -7550 - - forMEN Excellent opportunity Mechanics , salesmen, parts men, Both full and part time. Southern California's fastest growing dealer has these openings due to rapid growth and expansion at Norwalk and Long Beach stores . TOP PAY AND FUTURE. E_atll. $1. 00 Each. CaliC . 1458 W. Wb i Ua&- Faller~ IN TERESTED [N A CA EVENTS. wr i h: to A CA .458 W. Whitinl . F'ullertoa., Ca1iL fOir info e CoI'npditioll e ..-ta. DOUce-a will be m .ai.l ed - 60 F alcon (or street Loa, Tr iumph. 624 y . Loa& B-.::b." CalU. FOR SALE: ·64 B.s..A. 500cc-~ . IGIa of chrome or will trade eqUtr for deaa 56 F o nt LBPU. 4 'J0 8 l Meridba.. Los A.qeIes. E_ . N-.r Osy Colle.... • W E"'KE SMALL NOW _ BUT WA TCH US GROW - Fe-. SALE __ M'a e-"'OK portable atereo record pU. yer. fcJlQr .~ 111 excellent condition.. d spe.aker . Re" 5 88_7038 MA !UJ SHO. Z low mil_Ie taurinl m.achi ne•• .eU or tr.ade. 4 56-:41 S8 • 1% 5 TB.IUMPH TR~ . 1'16 5 Triwnph Bonnle 1, 6 5 Trnunph TIOOSC. While they Laat. r - I TriUIDpb Si&lea . 624 W. Pacific Co&at Hwy. 1.oIl1 8_ch. CalU. SHARP '61 TRmvPH TR -6. Fair '60 Triu mph Chopper. ShArp '64 B . S. A. 650cc. Lonl. Be.ach Tri umph Sdea 6 Z4 W. Pacific Co.aat t1wy . Long Beach. Ca1iL ..lrot_, ....... loI0T0RCTC LE RIDERS waated to eli_tribute New WGtm"c)'Cle .IoarDal,. Call 5 91-l088 TRIUMPH 62 - 500 cc nat _trac ker. Z ca.Tha. 63 can -l'!iCI cyd~. ee-iaa: f o r TT or JUl• •_ S7'-Sl 8Z 0 '..... $450 _y . ADYTG WCR. NEEDED. Y a - rs Iotale or Fern&1e . SaLa.ry $4lS to $1 .000 ftla.th1,. . R e _ e oaly to WotDrcycle.Ia.rnal. 118S E. 1'Jth.. Str_t 1.-, Beac.h. e..t.if. 0 A A • For Yamaha Parts • For Yamaha Service • For New-Used Yamahas s- So. c.lit'. ow... y ....... o-a.r Pierce Motor Center Macklin's Motoo cyde Service . .... """""' . C CYCLE HUB CLYD E H. EARL FILM HOT SHOES AT ~2SS0 921-9]3 So. s.c-~ a...i. 013· 1]10 PRODUCTIONS FREE Don't delay. Send your want ad today. It won't cost anythingand you just mi ght ge t ri d of your mother-in-law . Address ads to t he New Motorcycle Journal, 1185 E. 19th St., Long Beach 90806. - Name Address .. . " ... • . .• .. . . .. . .. . . . Stafe • 4-Matchless Twin 650cc 7 -BSA AIO late models 1 - Ariel Sq -4 (cherry) 3 -Indian Chiefs (nice) 3 602 N . E. Sandy Blvd. Portland, Ore. 64 Triumph TR 6SC Set up up for Deser t Racing No. 11 plate 7852 State street Huntington Park 587 -7433 11675 E . _ 164-7461 - - . I.. Yamaha , Norton, matchless comple te guaranteed service on all makes. Open 7 days a week . Call or see Brian Jenkins at 868·9997. 13200· 13210 San Antonio Drive, No rwalk, California . • sa RANCUDtO c.o.-t Hi. . . .,.. SHARP CORVAIR CONVERTABLE. S pe ed Eqp t Goodies" _ Pete 412 .... 8 71 lnatr.... enb. Films for Club meeting, par ties , open house , Dealer Openings. Film. on M o t o r c y c l e racing , Auto racing, boat, skiing, surf and other spor ts available. Wide screen a nd regular - Color a nd 16m.m. - 35m m sound - F ilm Service in 8m m Available. Fihn editing and repair. We fu rnish everything a t reasonable pr ices. For infor m a tion calI or write CLYDE H. EARL PRODUC TIONS, 10619 F e lto n C all 677-1570 Ave. , Inglewood, Cali f. .JENKINS SPORTS CENTERS TRADE moto.rcycl~ . Pacilk A.SSOK TED MOTOR CY CLE POSTDlS. ACA At 3 BSA GOLD STARS. 1955 - $400, 1961 -$500 1963-$700. 'b3 Yamaha YDS YDS-=-ZRR -$450.-639 -5648 HELP WANTED MECHANICS WANTED. W.aale4 e-perieaced Honu mechanica. ~U_t -par pa-. ......aac::e. ete, Call Herb Litch. ~ B

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