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P76 HOW-TO OIL SELECTION T he correct oil is critical to the performance and lon- gevity of your motorcycle engine. Whether you are new to riding or a seasoned veteran, you likely have questions: Is it neces- sary to buy "motorcycle specific" oil or is cheaper automotive oil just fine? I own a cruiser, sport- bike and a motocross bike, do I need different oil for each? How often do I need to change my oil? Is it okay to mix different oil to top off my bike? To get answers for these questions, we reached out to representatives from two of the most popular oil brands: Maxima Racing Oil's Mike Marcella and Motorex USA's Pat Riley. This dis- cussion is specific to four-stroke motorcycle engines as two- strokes have completely different oil needs. Do I need to use "motorcycle-specific" oil? The bottom line is, yes. You should use motorcycle-specific oil. Motorcycle engines have a completely different architec- ture than an automotive engine. Marcella spelled this out in detail: "The unique aspect of motorcycle architecture is that there is usu- ally a common lubricant sump for the engine, wet clutch and trans- mission. In a normal automotive setup, there are specific fluids for each piece of hardware, housed in separate sumps where they MOTORCYCLE OIL SELECTION & GUIDELINES A FEW BASIC STEPS CAN HELP YOU AVOID EXPENSIVE ENGINE FAILURES (Above) A typical motorcycle dealership includes several different engine oil options to choose from. And once you select a brand, how do you select the best formula for your bike. We will help you answer these questions.

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