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P70 HOW-TO MUFFLER REPACKING T here are two good reasons to repack your muffler. First, reducing the sound output of your bike lessens the chances of other peo- ple, especially non-motorcycle riders, complaining about you riding. Second, and contrary to common belief, a properly packed muffler increases the power of your bike. In fact, it can add as much as two horsepower. For both off-road and street mo- torcycles, the fiberglass packing materials in your muffler break down over time due to the extreme heat inside the muffler. Allowing water to get inside the muffler can accelerate the degradation process so it is recommended that you use a plug in the endcap when washing your bike. Most stock and aftermarket mufflers are designed to replace the packing material relatively easy and we will show you the common steps here. If you prefer, some of the aftermarket exhaust companies and local shops offer rebuild services. How do you know it is time to check your muffler packing? Just like the internal parts in your motor, if you have put 20-plus hours on your bike, or if you think that water may have entered the muffler due to riding in rain or mud, it is time to check the pack- ing. Some indications that you are due for fresh packing will be discoloration of the outside of the HORSEPOWER! QUIETLY INCREASE YOUR This is an example of some mildly used packing materials and even this shows signs of heat and moisture damage.

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