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VOLUME 57 ISSUE 13 MARCH 31, 2020 P81 S TANDOUT FEATURE Excellent all-day comfort RIDER AN ALYSIS The Shoei Neotec II is—in my book—a bit of a Rolls Royce of flip-up helmets, the style of which has been increas- ingly prevalent in my collection. It's got one of the most comfortable liners we've ever felt, and the fact that the Bluetooth system was designed around the helmet, and not just a bolt-on unit that will suit every helmet, makes the system super easy to use with no added bulk. The Neotec II is noticeably heavier compared to something like the Bell SRT Modular, and fits (my head at least) a thousand times better than the Schuberth C3. That weight is dispersed quite well across the helmet, but it might take a bit of fiddling around with the padding sizes to get HELMET designed around the Neotec II and integrates seamlessly into the bottom-left side of the shell. The DOT-stamped Shoei Neotec II is available in a vari- ety of colors and sizes XS-XXL (via the Neotec's four shell sizes). Retail price starts at $699 for solid colors and $799 for metallics and multi colors. The Sena SRL system sells separately for $299 through Sena. LOWDOWN the right fit for your head. At speed the Neotec is comfort- able and quiet and has the best face- port opening of any modular we've tried with the red-colored lock on the chinbar. The Neotec II runs a dual locking system for improved holding power when in the fully opened posi- tion, but I wouldn't advise riding with it open if you're going over 40 mph as the tall position of the chin bar in the fully open position doesn't exactly make for the most aerodynamic of helmets. I'm not a massive fan of the dropdown inner sun shield, but then, I never have been. They add weight and don't cover your range of vision fully, but the Neotec does a decent job of it. Still, I'd rather not have a dropdown screen at all and just run the transition shield when it becomes available. •A BIT HEAVY •CAN'T RUN THE TRANSITION SHIELD •EXCELLENT BLUETOOTH INTEGRATION •LONG RANGE COMFORT •GOOD VENTILATION The Neotec II is getting up there in terms of price, but it is an excellent helmet. And when you consider the Bluetooth system was made specially for it, that makes the Neotec II argu- ment even more compelling. Rennie Scaysbrook MSRP: $699 (as tested)-$799 Website: The Neotec II helmet is also built with comfort in mind for those long days in the saddle.

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