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Cycle News 2013 Issue 15 April 16

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INTERVIEW KTM'S STEFAN PIERER: PART II AND WHAT ABOUT HUSKY? Part two of our interview with KTM boss Stefan Pierer BY ALAN CATHCART PHOTOGRAPHY BY KTM AG L ast week we began our two-part interview with KTM President/CEO Stefan Pierer. This week the man many consider the most powerful in European motorcycling discusses the purchase of Husqvarna and more… If you missed part one, you can read that by clicking on the following link: http:// Well, talking about the dirt, was 2012 KTM's most successful year ever in off-road competition? Yes, it's been incredible! It was our best year ever in racing, and whatever we do, this will still remain one of the most important things we do at KTM, because off-road is where we're coming from, it's our heritage. We won both Motocross World Championships, we won the AMA outdoor title, we finished on the podium in AMA Supercross for the first-time ever, and we won all the Enduro World Championships – and one of them with Husa- berg, which was nice. So pretty much a clean sweep. And this year already for the first time we won both classes the same day in AMA Supercross, at Anaheim - that was an historic achievement. However, even though KTM was so successful in off-road competition last year, the off-road market has declined, hasn't it? Have your off-road sales flattened out? Yes, they have. In some countries they have declined, but lucky enough we have had remarkable growth in the USA and Australia, and this has almost compensated for what we lost in Europe. In the USA we're seeing that the market is stable and we're gaining nice market share, and we're also doing very well in Australia - it's an outstanding market for us, and South Africa, too. In the USA we had a percentage increase of 30 percent in sales, and Australia was not less than that. But on the other hand in Italy, which was a really big market for us, we lost 80 percent. In some countries together with Husaberg we now have more than 70 percent market share, so there is limited P62

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