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Cycle News 2020 Issue 08 February 25

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2020 KAWAS AKI Z H2 R I D E R E V I E W P80 KAWASAKI DROPS SOME CLOTHES AND SHOWS OFF THEIR SUPERCHARGER. BY ABHI ESWARAPPA SUPERCHARGED. SUPERNAKED. "W e don't make lawnmowers, and we're not very good at pianos. What we excel at is engineering." Martin Lambert is Kawasaki Europe's PR Manager, and he's not minc- ing words as throws some shade at Honda and Yamaha. Now, those companies make some mighty fine motorcycles, but Kawa- saki's got something that no one else has chosen to match: a supercharger. Kawasaki brought Cycle News and four other US publications to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to show off the newest member of their supercharged H2 family— not because they expect many people to track these bikes, they just want to save all of us from getting thrown in jail. LVMS is right next to Nellis Air Force Base, so we're getting buzzed by an assortment of fighter planes and cargo jets. Normally I'd be staring up at the sky, mouth agape, but right now my at- tention is focused straight ahead as the digital speedometer on my Kawasaki Z H2 surges past 150 mph. The supercharged 998cc inline four engine is producing 197 horsepower at 10,500 rpm and the shift light starts flashing in my peripheral vision so I flick the quickshifter up into sixth. The speed keeps climbing as I briefly see 165 be- fore I run out of straightaway. Jesus, this thing is fast. And with no wind protec- tion, it's very visceral, too.

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