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Cycle News 2020 Issue 01 January 7

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VOLUME 57 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 7, 2020 P101 List Price: $126.95 Website: S TANDOUT FEATURE Comfort and construction are immedi- ately evident, and even fully loaded the pack is easy to ride with. RIDER AN ALYSIS Racers need a hydration pack that requires little thought and performs re- liably. It needs to be comfortable and not cause irritation on the shoulders, neck or back. Irritation causes distrac- tions and distractions slow you down. In a perfect world the pack would almost disappear altogether. The Comp 2 seems to do just that. After months of use it's hard to find things to complain about. The aggressively narrow EVA foam back panel keeps the pack's footprint small and out of the way on your back without feeling too small or unsupport- ed. The thickly padded shoulder straps of the CoreFlex harness do not rub or chafe the neck or underarm area in any riding position. The sternum strap and Duraflex buckles hold everything securely in place, even through gnarly HYDRATION SYSTEM with a single buckle and sit close together on the chest to prevent underarm interference. The removable waistband also incorporates an elastic suspension section for additional pack support or Configr8 customization. The two-liter slide-lock bladder has a standalone, neoprene sleeve for insulation and to make sure it never folds over while riding. LOWDOWN terrain. The suspension incorpo- rated in the CoreFlex harness and waistband likely aids in comfort and load distribution but is not notice- able while riding. The pack does not bounce or move unnaturally. The quick-release water hose, slide-lock bladder, and hidden stitching make cleaning the pack and components simple. The Configur8 technology can be used to customize the pack further to include items such as chest protec- tor, tool pouch and more. Overall, we found the Zac Speed Comp 2 to be a high-quality, low-profile hydration so- lution aimed at racers and competi- tive athletes. Jon Freehill •LIMITED CAPACITY •COMFORTABLE FOR ALL DAY USE •HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION/ COMPONENTS •FULLY CONFIGR8 COMPATIBLE •MAGNETIC HOSE MOUNT The harness is built with an elastic suspension system meant to allow the pack to flex with your body.

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