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Cycle News 2019 Issue 44 November 5

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T o defeat the Japanese factory teams by winning GPs with bikes you built yourself in a workshop attached to your house, fueled by your wife's home cooking and cups of cof- fee freshly brewed in the kitchen next door, is a quixotic achievement that'd be impossible today. But in the early 1980s, that's exactly what French engineer Alain Chevallier succeeded in doing, and his death from cancer in October 2016 at 68 years old saw us lose one of the great chassis designers of modern-day GP history. When as influential a figure as HRC boss Youichi Oguma lent factory engines to Alain Chevallier's small team, it was a mark of re- spect for what his bikes had achieved against all the odds, on a limited budget. While the VOLUME 56 ISSUE 44 NOVEMBER 5, 2019 P77 Taking the best with yr n design is sething simply not possible n. It's lucky men like Alain Chevalli that did BY ALAN CATHCART PHOTOGRAPHY BY KEL EDGE AGAINST ALL ODDS

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