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Cycle News 2019 Issue 37 September 17

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VOLUME 56 ISSUE 37 SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 P101 ride, but can one of DR-Z400S—beat out or at least ever made—the KTM find out. W e know what you're thinking—isn't compar- ing the Suzuki DR- Z400S to the KTM 500 EXC like comparing figure skating to cage fighting? Yes, figure skating and cage fighting are both sports and both produce a winner after all is said and done, but that is where their similari- ties quickly end. It's kind of like that with the Suzuki DR-Z400S and the KTM 500 EXC. They are two very different machines but are designed to achieve the same result—fun—at the end of the day. So we wanted to find out which bike can actu- ally provide the most fun. The answer seems obvious at first— the KTM, of course. It's high tech and regarded by many as the dual-sport bike by which all others are judged. However, we weren't so sure and asked the question: Can you have the same amount of fun on the old- school and loveable DR-Z400S as you can on the new-school and racy 500 EXC? Both bikes fall into the dual- sport category but, as men- tioned, they are two entirely different animals. One has a five-speed transmission, the other a six-speed. One has 398 and the other 510.4 cubic centimeters of piston displace- ment. One weighs well over 310 pounds, the other barely hits 260 pounds. One relies on a carburetor for fueling, the other modern-day fuel injection. One has a suspension system that is nearly two decades old in design, the other about as modern as you can get. One is made in Japan, the other in Austria. One sells for $6749, the other $11,199. BY THE CYCLE NEWS STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIT PALMER

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