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P118 CN III LOWSIDE BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK C arlin Dunne died while competing at the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb—the 97th running of the second oldest motorsport event in the U.S. (behind the Indianapolis 500). The 36-year-old from Santa Barbara, on the Californian cen- tral coast, was in perilous form, which I can personally attest to, as it was me with whom he was competing for the King of The Mountain crown. Dunne's death cast a shadow as tall as the man himself across what was until that point an incredible week of competition. In the race, I had just broken the record for the fastest time in the history of the event, but Dunne was on course to not just beat that time, but to completely an- nihilate it. Race officials put his estimated race time in the nine minutes 32 second bracket. Let that sink in for a minute. That would have been 17 seconds up on Chris Fillmore's 2017 race run. He crashed less than 100 feet from the finish line. The flag was in eye view. The record would have been mine for about two minutes and 20 seconds. I have been riding motorcycles for 34 years and racing them for 30, and my riding during my run of 9:44.963 was most likely the finest of my life. Carlin bought out the very best in me that day, but it still wouldn't have been enough to beat him. I'm okay with that. Carlin and I met during my AN IMPECCABLE MAN

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