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Cycle News 2019 Issue 21 May 28

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YAMAHA TENERE 700 FIRST REVIEW P92 We know you're growing impa- tient, and we can't blame you. We are, too! The Tenere 700 represents a lot of great potential for the future of adventure land wrapped in a dependable, afford- able Yamaha blanket. For us in North America, we have it a lot worse than the rest of the world. First, we never got to buy the Yamaha Tenere 660 that was completely new in 2008. So, we essentially missed all things mid-sized and Yamaha, as far as adventure is concerned. Second, we don't get this one until the second quarter of 2020, at best, as a 2021 model. However, we did just return from two days riding the Europe- an 2020 model, and we can't wait to tell you all about it. We still don't know a lot of things for sure yet. We expect this bike to arrive in North America in the sec- ond quarter of 2020. We expect the bike to be in line with European pricing putting it somewhere in the $10-$11K range. We expect the First THE YAMAHA TENERE 700 IS NOT HERE YET, JUST TO BE CLEAR.BUT WE WENT THERE TO RIDE IT BY JESSE ZIEGLER bike to be available in the same color options we saw in Spain, and we can expect to have the same accessories and options available to us. But none of that is for sure. And we're nervous about get- ting our hopes up. After all, we've been teased by Yamaha with this bike before. What is the Yamaha Tenere 700? The Yamaha Tenere 700 is an independent model. It doesn't share a frame, suspension pack- age, fuel tank, seat, footpeg, exhaust or final engine configu- ration with any other models we know of or have seen just yet. It has a tubular frame of high tensile steel with a stoutly braced head- stock and removable downtubes. The downtubes do little for frame support and are primarily bolted on for engine coverage and are a nice place to bolt a skid plate. Suspension components are KYB units front and rear inspired by the Yamaha YZ and WR lineup of off-road machinery. A 43mm

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