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P R O D U C T R E V I E W P104 ARAI RAM-X HELMET O ne of my all-time favorite helmets is the Arai Cor- sair-X. This is Arai's number-one track helmet, but it's become my go-to for pretty much any form of riding, be it ducking down to the shops, canyon riding, racing or even touring. A few years back, Arai altered it by bringing out the CT-Z, which was mostly a close replica of the Corsair X but with the chin bar chopped off and a peak added to make it a commuter/scooter helmet. I've got one of those as well, and love it just as much as the Corsair X. As the CT-Z had been around for a while, Arai has decided to change it up a touch and bring out this Ram- X open-face lid. This new helmet essentially copies the Corsair-X/CT-Z design and oval head shape construc- tion, and Arai has used what it calls the Z-Compound resin, a collection of proprietary resins Arai claims cre- ates a stronger and lighter shell than the competition. Furthermore, Arai has used its ubiquitous single layer, multi-density EPS liner, just like in the Corsair-X. However, to call the Ram-X a direct copy of the Corsair isn't exactly true—the shell construction was developed from the Quantum-X and Signet-X full face helmets, although the vast amount of detail with the new helmet is devoted to the new shield system. Ar ai has t aken t heir Cor sair-X and chopped t he front of f t o make t he new R am-X f or ever yday commuting BY RENNIE SCAYSBROOK ARAI RAM-X HELMET (Right) As one half of a Corsair-X, the new Ram-X fits Rennie like a glove. (Above) The Ram-X offers excellent ventilation with six exhaust ports (in orange).

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