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BRIDGESTONE HYPERSPORT BATTL AX S22 PRODUCT REVIEW P106 The S22 is as close as you'll get with a dedicated street tire to proper racetrack performance. Bridgestone has been busy toiling away in their labs for the past three years to bring you the tire you see before you—the Hypersport Battlax S22. This is not a rework of the S21 that was released back in 2016, but a completely ground-up brand-new design out of Japan. The S22 doesn't replace the S21 but is now the sportiest tire Bridgestone makes purely for the street, with the Battlax RS10 merging into pure track day league, and the R11 up to the V02/W01 slicks only for racing. The initial aim of the S22 was better wet weather grip without sacrificing the S21's dry- weather performance, more corner speed, faster lap times and, importantly, long wear life. Those last two points might be at op- posite ends of the tire spectrum, but this is a street tire, not a straight-up race tire, after all. There are a lot more tread grooves in the S22 (in tire speak that means an increased sea-to-land ratio), which gives better water drainage and provides more feedback to the rider at high lean angles and cornering forces, according to Bridgestone. T h e N e x t L e T H E H Y P E R S P O R T T I R E M A R K E T J U S T G O T A N E W P L AY E R I N T H E B

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