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P122 CN III IN THE PADDOCK BY MICHAEL SCOTT T he mental picture of Fred- die Spencer standing in aloof silence with his arms folded, facing up to an irately gesticulating Cal Crutchlow, will linger long in the mind. That at least was how Crutchlow described what hap- pened after the Argentine GP, and it is easy to imagine. Crutchlow is one of those people who does irate pretty comprehensively. And Freddie is well practiced at being impas- sive. It's the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object, all over again. In the unlikely event that you haven't seen the video of Crutchlow supposedly jumping the start, for which he was hit with the standard, one-size-fits-all ride- through penalty, let me explain. The 2018 winner was poised on his factory LCR Honda, eyes on the lights, clutch to the bar, revs on the limiter. A split second before the start, his bike moves forward—less than an inch, the front wheel just about touching the beginning of the white line marking his grid slot. His explanation made perfect sense. Rather than trying to gain an unfair advantage, he was just anticipating the moment, moving from the balls of his feet onto his toes. PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME Did Crutchlow's penalty at the Argentine MotoGP fit the crime? Crutchlow certainly doesn't think so. PHOTO: GOLD & GOOSE

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