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2019 YAMAHA NIKEN GT FIRST REVIEW P80 "H opefully, we get some rain." I've never uttered that phrase before, let alone at a motorcycle launch. But the Yamaha Niken GT is not a typical motorcycle, and precipitation plays right into what Yamaha wants you to expect from their new Leaning Multi-Wheeler (LMW). The premise is simple, but you'll have to agree with it from the beginning for Niken to make any sense: more confidence equals more fun. This machine is not about getting your knee down at unheard of speeds or about automatically keeping you upright at a stop. Instead, the two front wheels are designed to give you extra courage in sporty touring situations. Is the road wet? Is there a tar snake right where you want to be leaned over? Is there sand in the apex of a corner? These are all common causes for a lump in the throat and the skip of a heartbeat for the average motorcyclist, but a Niken rider doesn't have to worry about it. Or RAIN SHINE YAMAHA BETS THAT MORE CONFIDENCE MEANS MORE FUN. THEY'RE RIGHT. BY ABHI ESWARAPPA Yamaha isn't trying to change the world with the Niken—just doing something a little different.

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