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Cycle News 2019 Issue 01 January 8

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VOL. 56 ISSUE 1 JANUARY 8, 2019 P101 D esert racing in general— and the AMA Hare & Hound National Cham- pionship Series in particular— seems to be a sport that favors the younger, often braver rider. Most of its champions, after all, have been ineligible to race the Vet class. But there are exceptions. Racing over unknown terrain and taking big chances can bite you—hard—and those who push the limits can find those limits pushing back without warning. Therefore, desert racing also rewards the prudent, the more calculating and experienced rider who can avoid big crashes and serious injury. Kendall Norman has seen both sides of this coin. When he first won the AMA title in 2010, he had a bit of a reputation for a flat-out style bordering on reckless. But as with many, he appeared to have adopted a smarter, safer approach in his 30s that earned him his second crown after the 2018 season ended, having amassed two wins in the seven-round chase and finishing off the podium only once—at the final round where he placed a safe fifth to lock the championship up. But what many wondered was where had he been during those years in between? There were rumors that he'd moved to Baja and was just riding and surfing. Some said he'd become a her- mit and would probably never race again. In truth, he'd taken a sabbati- cal, dropping out of the public eye and growing as a person, though the racer in him felt he had unfinished business. So, when he received an offer of proper but private support to go racing in 2018, he agreed and rewarded his backers with the championship before jetting off to Chile to represent the U.S. on the SRT Racing team in the Club category, earning a gold medal for 12th in the C2 class (250cc two-stroke/450cc four-stroke) aboard his trusty CRF450X. Norman rode Six Days for the first time and did well, earning a gold medal in Chile. THEONEANDONLY BY MARK KARIYA PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARK KARIYA

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