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CN III VOICES P12 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR "I wasn't there, but the racing that I saw on the Speed Channel was excellent, as it has been all year." ALL THE ANSWERS? REALLY? In last week's edition's "Letters to the Editor" [Issue 22, July 12, 2011] writer Dan Jendre nearly filled the entire page with complaints regarding the Mid-Ohio race weekend. I wasn't there, but the racing that I saw on the Speed Channel was excellent, as it has been all year. Watching the four lead bikes in the Superbike segment dice for the lead the entire race sure beat watching the runaway Mat Mladin-Ben Spies episodes from past years, and seeing BMW, Kawasaki, KTM, and now, EBR in the mix, can only lead to a better show next year. The Daytona SportBike class has turned into an absolute "must see." Just like last year, those guys are so evenly matched and the action in the last half of the race is unbelievable - right down to the checkered flag. Mr. Jendre, if it is really too expensive for you ($88 for gas and tickets for two), then maybe you should just stay home and turn on your flat screen! John Frey Via the Internet PAPA WHEELIE AND MORE I think Papa Wheelie is smiling. Please bring back "The Latest Poop" now that Cycle News is back. And how about a 'Where Are They Now" page? You would make those of us that are still alive very happy. The world is turning into pure crap and the good old days were truly that good. Can we go backwards to go forward? I have been a Cycle News fan for 40 years. I'm a So Cal boy and I eat, live, love and breath everything motorcycles. It's been my life. Thank you Cycle News for keeping me in the loop. Vernon Freeman Via the Internet "The Latest Poop by Papa Wheelie" is now simply "In The Wind." And we like your "Where Are They Now" idea… Editor RAINEY/SCHWANTZ Thanks for the informative preview of the U.S. GP. Really enjoyed the piece with Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz – two of my favorites – and two men who should know what they're talking about. Can't wait to see what happens. Good luck to the Americans. Kevin Steal Via the Internet Got An Opinion? If you've got an opinion on something you've read in Cycle News. Or an opinion on something you'd like to read in Cycle News… or an opinion on anything motorcycle related, send it in. We want to know what our readers think. Email correspondence to Voices@cyclenews. com. Make sure to include your name and a daytime phone number. Editor 12 Voices.indd 12 7/18/11 3:05 PM

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