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Cycle News 1965 Issue 36 Nov 18

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with in California : " When th ey sta r ted out on w h at was supposed to be a statewide run to Bass Lake. a resort area north of Fresno, they were followed all the way by police and their progress was reported regularly in sn a p py, alarmist radio bulletins. Ul timately only about 150 riders, including girls and members of other outlaw clubs, got through, only to be met in Bass Lake by 100 heavily armed officers with dogs and all the latest electronictracking equipment. They were served with John Doe su m m onses, calling for them to appear in court to s h ow wh y they shouldn't be restrained from ever coming back, and they fou nd themselves confined to a small area of the resort and sealed off from the outside world by roadblocks and pa troIs. Fur th er m or e, stor es wer e r elu ctan t to sell them anythi ng. (Their beer s u pply was fi n al ly secured throu gh the efforts of a block aderunning free-lance w riter collecting materi al for a book.) When they pulled ou t, aft er an uneventful two days of m ild carousi ng. they were escorted by th e police and forced t o lea ve a d ozen of their m embers beh ind to clean up t heir campsite under th e eye of for est rangers. Th e Boy Scou ts cou ld n't ha ve mad e less of a splash." SEND eyel NEWS TO VIET NAM Recentl y a spok es man for the usa told CYCLE NEWS t hat American servicemen in Vie t Nam would apprec iate having any e xtra copies of ou r fa vorit e n ewspaper to remind th em of home in tha t inhos pitab le land. He offered the services of th e usa to d istribute CYCLE NEWS to usa a n d se rvice clubs in Viet Nam, if we w ou ld su pply th e papers and pay for shi pment to the Far East. Since that time w e h ave packaged a n d sh ipped hundr eds of copies to the usa overseas, a nd shall start printing 1,000 ex tra cop ies each week for Viet Nam. Ser v ice me n have w ritten to say that formerly the only reading material available there were women's magazines! Now we at CYCLE NEWS need to ask your help.' Our budget has been under some strain lately with the expenses of improving the newspaper and the added cost of shipping papers to Viet Nam is a little more than we can afford alone. Therefore we have established a fund to continue sending CYCLE NEWS to our servicemen in Viet Nam. Postage for a box of 200 papers is $1.90. We will continue to supply 1,000 extra pa pers a week, and package a nd add ress th em to the usa in the F ar East. The usa distributes them free of cost. We as k ou r readers, if they w ish , to con trib ute a ny a mo unt of postage (coin or stamps) t o the CYCLE N EWS FOR VIET NAM FUND 1185 E. 19th Street L on g Bea ch . Calif. 90806 Names of Con tribu tors will appear from time to ti me in CYCLE NEWS. We a nd the tr oop s t h a n k yo u . 3 Win Your Thanksgiving T urkey This Year LONG BEA HOND CH A PRESENTS 1st ANNUA~ FREE COFFEE & DONUTS AT START TURKEYS TO WINNERS TROPHIES & PRI ZESGALORE! ! POST ENTRIES: $1.0,0 by Saturday Noon CH ECK-IN TIME: 9:00 A.M . Sunday PERRIS (Conti n u ed from front page) r idden. Who else but John R. could cross up while speeding in a straight line and get away with it? With the 13 Rebels scrambles at Prado Park cancelled by the weather, Perris Recreational Park was swamped by scrambles fans as well as by water. The Perris Valley M.C. did a respectable job of conducting the races despite the steadily increasing downpour. Members of American Legion Post 595, who were manning the corners in exchange for a P .V.M.C. donation to their favorite charity, deserve commendation for tending to business all day without complaint. (Results on page 10 photos on page 4 ) OF F FREEWAY R OUTE A ll Makes and Models Welcome FOR INFORMATI ON CALI..:: GA. 3-1433 OR COME IN 5101 ATLANTIC BLVD. • LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA BE THERE Ascot Park Nov. 12-Calif. ~tate Dirt Track Cham~ionshi~ Sammy Tanner- SA • o • Dan Haaby-BSA o .. • • 3 time State Champion Tanner finished th is year at Ascot with 46 wins, bringing his lifetime total to 296 . SAMMY TANNER

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