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VOL. 55 ISSUE 40 OCTOBER 9, 2018 P111 I was at odds with a few journalists on this, but I prefer the old-style seat com- pared to the flatter unit on the 2019 model. I felt the old unit held me in place a little better, plus I liked the fact the seat was skinner where it meets the tank and didn't dig into the inside of my legs as much. It's more a personal preference than anything, so you'll have to try it for yourself. Braking performance could be a little better, but you need to remember this is only a single-disc setup hauling down a bike weighing approximately 417 pounds. There's enough power to haul you up from speed, but not quite the feel I was hop- ing for at the front brake lever. It's good to know the Scrambler has Cornering ABS and, before you ask, no, I didn't test it. I did a few years ago with Ducati at Bosch's proving grounds in Michigan, the video of which you can view here. Those gripes aside, the Scrambler is still a wonderful little motorbike—not for any performance factors—but purely for the feeling you get from it. At the intro, Ducati did it's best to put on the "Land of Joy"—the Scrambler's tag line—for the assembled journalists, and it's near impossible not to get swept up by it. The Scrambler Icon is about fun. It's by no means a series mo- torcycle, and reminds the rider not to take themselves too seriously. The Ducati Scrambler's mergence into pop culture has been so seamless it feels like the bike has been here for a generation. We've seen it in movies, on the streets, beaches, hooligan racing with Frankie Garcia, and even the black top with AHRMA racers like Heath Cofran. The new Scrambler Icon is in no way a departure from the winning formula, it's just Ducati refining what they know works. CN Italian dreaming on a Ducati. Is there any other way?

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