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INTERVIEW P96 AMA SUPERBIKE CHAMPION JOSH HAYES Josh Hayes wins a second AMA Superbike Championship – his fifth AMA title. Then goes GP racing. Good year, huh? Mr. Two BY PAUL CARRUTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY BY ANDREA WILSON W in one championship and chances are you like the feeling enough that you want another. Win two championships and you may struggle to find the motivation needed to go after a third. But Josh Hayes doesn't have that problem. The motivation to win a third AMA Superbike Championship is about 1656 miles away – the distance between Hayes' off-season training base in Oceanside, California, and Blake Young's hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. It's not that Hayes doesn't like Young. In fact, there are few people that Hayes doesn't like. But he doesn't take well to losing and he felt like he lost a few races to Young in 2011 that he'd like to avenge. Yes, Hayes won the Superbike war, but some of the battles lost to Young along the way really stick in his craw. "Blake Young stepped up the game a lot this year," Hayes said from his part-time home in Southern California. "I won the championship, but there's still some numbers that just don't sit well with me. I got my butt kicked. He's 7-3 when you look at race wins. He won seven races; I won three. I don't like that number. I don't like being the guy who didn't win the most races but still won the championship. I have a good goal to work towards next year. I want to win more races than him." continued on page 101 96-105 Hayes Interview.indd 96 12/9/11 3:12 PM

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