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CN III VOICES P28 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR "Shame on the FIM and their arrogance." KTM'S FREERIDE E I read the article/first impression on the KTM Freeride (Issue #42, November 29) with great interest. Last time this issue popped up in Cycle News, I commented that although I feel the internal combustion engine (two- and four-stroke) is long from dead I feel that electric bikes are the future. As our world gets more crowded and there are fewer and fewer places to ride off-road motorcycles, because even if there is space, the noise is always an issue. I am encouraged by this new KTM that it will finally fulfill the promise I saw in the Currie Brand scooters and E-Bicycles I was proud to represent and sell 10 years ago. It looks like KTM has put together a complete package of enough power to entertain, good handling and suspension and reasonable range. And it looks enough like a "real" motorcycle to be a marketable, sellable product to both established and new enthusiasts. However, $13,000 still seems to be a little on the pricey side for what may be viewed by potential customers as a high dollar mountain bike ($3000) with an electric motor ($10,000). It was tough sell getting people to buy $300 electric scooters or $500 electric bicycles - $13,000 is going to be a tough sell. Last I checked, I can buy a 1000cc sportbike for that kind of money. Hmmm. It is my hope that that the price will decrease substantially as the battery and motor technology becomes more prevalent. When the day arrives that this type of vehicle can be bought for an amount that represents a value for the money that is equal to or better than a gas-powered unit, I am sure we will see them everywhere. Not to downplay all of the strides that the other e-bike manufacturers have made, but I would just like congratulate KTM for the fine job on developing this product and I look forward to seeing what they come up in the future. Alex Rossborough North Randall, OH WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Just wanted to say how happy I am receiving and reading the digital Cycle News. I am 43 now and have been following MotoGP for the past 20 years as well as Supercross and a few other series, but I was hoping to see articles along the lines of "Where are they now" from AMA Superbike/Moto GP and Supercross. As we know, there are a lot of interesting stories put there – happy or sad. Once again, thanks for all the great writing. Jaime Ponce Via the Internet STONER OKAY I think that the FIM having a big party to celebrate and reward the best riders in the world is a nice thing for all those who are interested in going and joining in on the fun. If someone like Casey Stoner doesn't feel like going, that should be his decision. It seems the FIM thinks they own these people. Was it not enough for Casey to endure the grueling season with all the travel, testing, promoting Honda, press conferences – and the racing itself. The man continually risks his life to make them rich and now they want to fine him and do other things against him just because he didn't feel like getting on another airplane to go to a party? What about time with his family, resting, having some personal time? I guess that doesn't matter to the FIM. They say jump and every rider has to say how high? Shame on the FIM and their arrogance. If it was not for people like Casey Stoner there wouldn't be an FIM in the first place. Robert Millard Via the Internet BAJA FIX With regard to your Baja 1000 coverage, you incorrectly listed Thomas Barnabic as the only Pro Class solo finisher. A few paragraphs later, you mention Trent Burgiss winning the solo in Class 22. To set the record straight, Trent was the first Pro Class solo rider across the finish line, about seven hours ahead of Barnabic. Furthermore, he was sixth Pro Class 22 finisher, and 15th overall motorcycle. Knowing that KTM is putting their hat in the ring to win next year's Baja 1000, perhaps they should know that winning the solo class takes a bit of grit as well. Trent is planning on winning it again next year. It would be an easy sponsorship for KTM to gain an extra feather in their hat. Michelle Goguen Via the Internet Editor 28 Voices.indd 28 12/12/11 1:54 PM

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