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CN III PRODUCT REVIEW P144 VEMAR ATTIVO MODULAR HELMET The Vemar Attivo is a new modular helmet designed for touring or adventure riding. It packs a lot of features into a relatively inexpensive price point. The single hand-operated flip-up chin bar provides fresh air or easier communication during stops without having to remove the helmet. The Italiandesigned helmet is made to meet the European Community CE motorcycle standard and also meets the US DOT safety standard. The CE standard tests the chin bar as if it were a full-face helmet. The anti-fog, scratch resistant, quick release face shield is backed up by a drop down "Fighter Pilot"-tinted shield. The entire liner and cheek pads are removable and washable, and the piping on the bottom edge is reflective to provide some added visibility from behind. The helmet shell is constructed with Advanced Thermal Material (a variation of plastic) and the complete helmet weighs 3.92 pounds. It is offered in six sizes and in gloss white, gloss black, gloss Ash and matte black. $275 Website: Standout  Feature Many features packed into one relatively inexpensive helmet. Rider  Analysis If you do a lot of long rides, with multiple stops or ride with a group, the modular or "Flip up" helmet can provide a lot of convenience. It makes it much easier to communicate with fellow riders, and gas station or toll booth attendants, or just provide some fresh air without removing your helmet. It also makes it easier to put on or remove the helmet. As far as modular helmets go, the Attivo works very well. The single release button makes it easy to open or close while wearing gloves, and the fit and finish is impressive. The fit is aimed at a "mid-oval" profile, which should appeal to a wide range of head shapes. The Attivo was also designed to provide more space in the chin area than the current Vemar Jiano modular helmet and we welcomed that very much. The interior lining is comfortable and did not cause any irritation. It has a ratchet-style chin strap latch that is common in Europe instead of the traditional double D-ring, and we found this set-up to be very user-friendly. However, we would like to see more padding on the chin strap. The upper and lower vents are easy to open/close but seemed to provide little air flow. The face shield has anti-fog coating that works very well and held up to several cleanings inside and out. The pilot-style tinted shield is now common on several helmets and the Attivo version is easy to use and is really welcome for long rides with changing conditions. Overall, we are very impressed with this helmet that provides much-needed versatility for long-distance riding. 144-145 Product Review.indd 144 12/9/11 2:57 PM

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