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VOL. 48 ISSUE 44 DECEMBER 13, 2011 Those guys were riding well and I felt I was kind of riding on the ragged edge a little bit too much, so I just tried out one of the 300s at my home. It's not going to feel very different, it's the same exact bike with a 300 KTM piston and cylinder. We tested a couple of heads and after I got it set up I knew that's what I wanted to race. Only one point separated you and Charlie going into the final race. Were you nervous? Actually, it was probably one of the least stressful races for me for some reason. I felt good going into the race, and I knew I was just going to go out and do the best I could do, and it was going to play out how it was going to play out. I knew I'd put in all the work, I knew my bike was working well, we had it jetted right, and I knew it was going to be like that the rest of the day, if I kept it upright. It looked like a flawless day for you. I slid out on the concrete in one test, but that test got thrown out. And then I crashed in the fifth test, maybe once or twice even, just little slide outs, but I still got up fairly quick and I only lost a little bit of time. You now have four national titles; did you ever think you would win four titles? I hoped so; I'd seen all the other guys I looked up to that had 110-117 Bobbit Interview.indd 117 P117 won a bunch of championships. I about racing the EnduroCross wanted to do the same, keep do- series? ing it. I've done one EnduroCross, just Vegas last year, and my goal You are one of the most fit is to do better in it. I think it's a riders in the series; do you great sport that's growing right have a strict regiment? now and there's a lot of expoIt changes every year. Some sure with it being televised. It's of the stuff stays the same, but I cool that it's in the X Games. It's like keeping training fun, I don't a closed-course competition that like doing the same stuff over and you can fit in a small area you can over again. I like mixing it up and get spectators to come to; that's finding different things that keep how Supercross has grown in it interesting. I've never been much on lifting weighs, because popularity. It's going to continue that's not what you do on a bike. to grow, there's no way around I get more specific as the season it, and I think it is pretty cool. It's gets closer. I run a little bit, swim something I don't want to get a little bit, but you can't replace completely left behind in. riding. You've done very well in You also had some impres- ISDE competition over the sive finishes in the GNCC se- years; you were a member of ries this year, especially for the U.S. squad that won the someone who rides only a few Junior Trophy in New Zealand of them a year. in '06. How important is the I think I did five GNCCs this Six Days to you? year, and that's something I It's pretty important to me, it's would like to improve upon. I still my favorite race of the year. It's a like going racing those because race where you have a great time it's a challenge for me, I want to with the team and all the riders continue to do better at them. and people there; it's just a great experience. What will you ride in 2012? The Enduro Series and all the What do you see in the fuOMAs. I'm looking forward to ture for Russell Bobbitt? that, it's going to be really cool to I just want to ride as long as I get to go ride some new places can, and still make it worthwhile and get some competitive racing in there, too. I'll still do some for myself and the team I'm on. GNCCs too, but those two will be I look to keep racing for several years, and I'm kind of working on my primary focus next year. different ideas for continuing to Have you ever thought stay in the sport afterward. CN 12/9/11 2:27 PM

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