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S ince common sense doesn't always seem that common anymore, I'm go- ing to go out on a limb here and give a bit of advice to those mak- ing the calls at motorcycle races regarding anything that has to do with the safety of those racing the motorcycles: Pretend your son/daughter is one of those in the race. If you follow that simple rule, I'm pretty sure you'll stop a race held in a rainstorm when all your kids are using slicks on their Superbikes. And it doesn't really matter what you told them: Kids will be kids. Let me preface all of this by saying I wasn't at Road America. But I did watch the race on Fans- ChoiceTV, which is somewhat of a misnomer because it was actually on my computer screen and not my TV. Perhaps Fans- ChoiceLapTop doesn't have the same appeal. Either way, I witnessed a de- bacle at the end of the second of two AMA Superbike races in Wisconsin. The final pictures I saw from the feed were of Josh Hayes circulating the track in a rainstorm behind an ambulance on his cool-down lap, which in this case was aptly named be- cause Hayes was furious that he'd just completed a handful of laps in the pouring rain on a Su- perbike fitted with slick tires. And I don't blame him. Hell, the con- ditions were so bad they moved the podium "celebration" into the pressroom. But let's back up for a min- ute. After the first red flag, which came out because there was a light rain falling on certain parts of the track and the field was mounted on slicks, the re-start was declared a wet race. That meant it wouldn't be stopped if it rained. Thus it was up to the rid- ers and their teams to fit whatever tires they wanted in a race that theoretically wouldn't be stopped for bad weather. The track wasn't completely dry when the race BY PAUL CARRUTHERS CN III CARRUTHERS SAYS RULEBOOK BE DAMNED P122

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