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SUPERBIKE SHOOTOUT SERIES wouldn't want to see a rematch after the previous round at So- noma Raceway, where the rookie put in a dominant performance. After Beaubier passed Hayes in the final corner of the opening lap, the youngster started to put on another disappearing act. "Once Cam [Beaubier] got through he just did a couple of things that… I'm still trying to figure out how he does them and started to open up a gap," Hayes said. "And I was trying to keep trying new things just like in practice and see if I could figure something out and increase my pace and put some pressure on him. I was hoping the second half of the race, maybe as the tires just got beat up a little bit more and in the heat if he made a few mistakes, he'd come back my way and then I saw him tip over." At around the halfway mark, Beaubier – for reasons unknown to him – tucked the front, landing him in a cloud of dust. Coinci- dently the same could be said for his championship. "I mean, honestly I don't know," Beaubier said about the cause of the crash. "I had pulled a four- second gap and I tried to back it down a couple of tenths. I did two laps like that and came around and just tucked the front. I don't know if I hit a little bump on the inside or what. It just tucked on me with no warning or anything." "I feel awful for him; I hate that he fell down," Hayes said. "It VOL. 51 ISSUE 21 MAY 28, 2014 P101 Josh Hayes (4) led Cameron Beaubier (2) and Chris Fillmore (11) early on in the Pro Superbike race at Miller Motorsports Park.

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