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Cycle News 2014 Issue 20 May 20

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NORTON DOMIRACER 961 BY ALAN CATHCART PHOTOGRAPHY BY KYOICHI NAKAMURA S top wondering, and start be- lieving. It's taken more than five years of hard graft com- prising long hours, a good bit of risk taking to bring the born-again Norton Motorcycles Company to where it is today, but its most definitely back on the map. It has necessitated endless meet- ings with bankers, politicians, ac- countants, local government func- tionaries, suppliers, engineers, importers, dealers and most im- portantly of all, customers. It's entailed moving from a compact 8000-square -foot factory and 12 employees into a six times larger and modern home nestled in the heart of England, with a major inter- national airport and Grand Prix race track right next door. And the work- force now numbers 45. It has involved returning to the Isle of Man two years in a row to race in the Senior TT, with a third visit planned this year with a two-time race winner and former lap record holder now aboard the bike. Yes, Norton Motorcycles has finally shift- ed into top gear, with some 1000 of its Commando 961 models now constructed since company owner Stuart Garner acquired the rights to the historic British marque in Octo- ber 2008 from its previous American owners. These are now being sent to a growing number of countries around the globe, with deliveries finally now beginning in the U.S. to those who paid their deposits on the bike as FIRST RIDE P66 YESTERDAY ONCE MORE Norton takes us back to the past with its Domiracer

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