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Cycle News 2014 Issue 01 January 7 2014

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FIRST RIDE P58 2014 HONDA CBR1000RR SP Little Things Mean a Lot Finally… a special-edition CBR1000RR BY ALAN CATHCART PHOTOGRAPHY BY ZEP GORI, ULA SERRA AND FRANCESC MONTERO "I f you have enough dust, you can build a mountain." That's a Japanese saying that roughly equates to what Honda has done in creating the new CBR1000RR SP. As in, little things mean a lot. So after reinventing the four-cylinder sportbike back in 1992, Honda has spent the past 21 years building on a legacy by constantly improving and subtly enhancing what for most of that time has been the world's best-selling maxi-sportbike (with more than 400,000 sold globally). In all that time, Honda engineers have been fanatically focused on not betraying the CBR's heritage - carefully evolving it to keep pace with the competition without sacrificing its unique selling proposition, which sees exceptional performance and handling combined with accessibility and practicality. Honda's achievement with the CBR has been to create the most balanced such motorcycle available – one that's able to extract the very best from every rider, while delivering ride-to-themall usability. As such, successive generations The specialedition Honda CBR1000RR SP features topgrade hardware that makes it a challenger to its European rivals.

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