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Cycle News 2013 Issue 45 November 12 2013

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P40 IN THE WIND FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2, launched in August by FOX Sports, are set to deliver more than 291 hours of Feld Motor Sports property programming per year to their multi-sport audience, according to Feld. FOX Sports 1 is available in more than 90 million homes and FOX Sports 2 is in more than 40 million. Included in the agreement are 115 hours of original programming and 51 hours of live coverage. In 2014, 13 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship races will air live on FOX Sports 1 starting January 4, at the season opener from Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, with reairings on FOX Sports 2, which will air three live races. Additionally, FOX Sports will provide digital coverage of all four Feld properties on the motorsports channel of FOXSports. com, reaching 40 million unique users per month. MCGRATH ON ROSSI, ETC. T here were lot of fans on hand this weekend at the MotoGP finale in Spain, but only one of them invented the Nac Nac – Jeremy McGrath. McGrath follows MotoGP religiously and is a big Valentino Rossi fan. The Supercross King was in Valencia to sample the race while also spending some time with the Italian legend. The hot topic over the course of the weekend was Rossi announcing that he was parting ways with his long-time crew chief, Jeremy Burgess. What was McGrath's take on it from a racer's perspective? "Yeah, my perspective is it's a tough situation for everyone I'm sure around there. No one ever likes to part ways or even make a change," said McGrath. "Those guys have been together… they've been like father and son for Valentino's [Rossi] whole career, right? I think everyone's just as in shock as we are. "But sometimes you just feel like maybe you've got to make a change… just kind of stale. And sometimes changes are good. Hopefully, there's not too many hurt feelings over it, which obviously it's a tough situation so I'm sure someone's upset. But hopefully it's going to give Valentino a fresh start and Jeremy [Burgess] a fresh start also, to maybe do a different project or something. Maybe change is good sometimes." Rossi's explanation for the move was that he needed a "boost" - some new motivation. McGrath had a long career as far as Supercross riders go. In Jeremy McGrath is hoping his friend Valentino Rossi can win again in MotoGP. normal circles being 34 years old isn't old, but as far as athletes go, even in road racing, people see Rossi as aging. "Well, I don't know how it works with road racing… I mean, obviously, if you don't fall off the bike it's probably a little bit friendlier than Supercross and motocross," he answered. "I think when you get older, and I've experienced this, it's very hard to compete with 20 year olds because they're not scared at all. At a certain age your brain switches and you just become a little more cautious and you think about things a little bit more. Maybe it's maturity… I don't know whatever it is… "He's [Rossi] in a tough situation because he

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