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Cycle News 2013 Issue 28 July 16

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FEATURE P54 Lette Fr Ca COLIN EDWARDS' TEXAS TORNADO BOOT CAMP Kicking the owner's butt: Colin Edwards tries to find a way around me. Okay, he wasn't or he would have. He was videoing me during Superpole. BY PAUL CARRUTHERS PHOTOGRAPHY BY JIM PRESS D ear Mom and Dad: Things are going great here at the Colin Edwards Texas Tornado Boot Camp you guys sent me to. So much better than another week in the Poconos. Wearing my motocross boots instead of those silly Top Siders totally rules and there's not one girl here named Muffy. Loving life. I got checked in a few days ago and the people here are really nice. They don't have camp counselors like those other camps you've sent me to. They have instructors. One of them smokes cigarettes, but he's really cool and he sure knows how to ride a motorcycle. His name is Joe Prussiano and he's kinda taken me under his wing. Some of the other instructors chew tobacco and I'm thinking of trying it at some point because you get to spit, but I probably won't tell you if I do. Just to let you know right up front: Your money is being well spent because I'm not in a stupid tent or some dumb cabin. I'm living large in this big old ranch house. They even put me in the VIP suite and my roommate is a big Danish guy named Henrik Larsen. He lives in New Orleans now and he's a regular at the Edwards Camp. He says he's pretty fast so I can't wait to give him a

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