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• All the prize money in the world isn't worth OFF·ROAD EVENT ELIGIBLE CLASSES AMAGNCC series (12 events) MX/OFF·ROAD PAYBACK KEY PAYOUT 200 B, Vet B, Sr B, 250 B, 4 Stroke B ZOO A, Vet A, Sr A, 250 A, 4 Stroke A, SUper Sr A ProAA A 1st-$8000; 2nd-$6000; 3rd-$3500;4th-$3000; 5th$2000; 61h-$1250;7th-$looo; 8th-$750; 9th-$700; 1Oth-$650; 11 th-$500; 12lh-S450;13lh-$400; 14th- H $350; 15th-$3OD;161h-$250; 17th-$200; 1Bth-$l 00; F AMI'. Mid-South Hare Scrambles Series (AL, GA, KY, MS &TN) (10 events) 2OOC, OpenC 125 B, 200 A, 200 B, 250 B, Vet A, Vet B Senior, Super Sr 250 A, 4 Stroke AA 0 N AMI'. Nalional Enduro series (9 events) 250 B, 200 B, 4 Stroke A, Vet B, 200 A, 4 Stroke B, Vet A 2501'., AA 19th-$100; 2Oth-$100. • a dime if you're off the course, watching • someone else ride off with your cash. • L B lst-$7ooo; 200-$3000; 3rd-$2ooo;4th-$1500; 5th$1000; 6th-$750; 7th-$700; Bth-$650; 9th-$600; L lOth-$550; 11th-$400; 12lh-$350; 13th-$300; 14th- K $200; 15th-$1 00. J C lst-$800; 2nd-$600; 3rd-$500; 4th-S400; 5th-$300; 61h-$200; 7th-$150; Bth-$l00; 9th-$75; 1Oth-$50. AMI'. National Hare N' Nound (6 events) Open B, 125 B, Vet B, 250 B, 4 Stroke B Open A, 125 A, Vet A 250 A, 4 Stroke A L Vet A, Sr A, 4 Stroke B, 200 B, Vet B, Sr B, 4 Stroke C, 250 B AA, 200 A, 250 A, 4Stroke A N Jr, Women A, 125 C, Women B, 250 C, 200 C 125 A, Master A, 250 e, Super Sr B, 0 N D 18t-$600; 2nd-$400.; 3rd-$250; 4th-$200; 5th-$175; So Kawasaki not only provides big money • at more races. We back our green bike • riders with the winningest support • 6th-$150; 7th-$125; Bth-$l00; 9th-$75; lOth-$50 program in amateur racing. Including • L vans that travel to more than 200 • events throughout the year, • loaded with parts and • technical expertise. Sr A, 125 B, 4 Stroke B, Master B, Su erSrA 200B SrB AA, 250 A, 2001'., 4Stroke A • CClass A, 200 B, Sr, Jr (Mini), 250 6, 125 BcSuper Sr, 4 Stroke B AA, NETRA Enduro Series (New Englal(d) (10 Mnts) N'ETRA Hare Scrambles (New England) (10 Mnts) See, we figure if you're smart enough L 0 BBantam, 4 Stroke B, AVet BUght, B Sr, 4 Stroke C ABantam, ALight, 4 Stroke A • P N E L F to choose a bike like a professional, you • G deserve the support of professionals, too. L H Mini, 125 C, 0-200 B, 200 C, 250 B, 250 C, 4 Stroke B, 4Stroke C, Sr B, Vet B 250 A, Vet A, o-ZOO A, Sr A, 4 Stroke A AA 250 A, 4Stroke A, 250 B, 200 A, 200 B, Vet A No!1hwesl MoklJtycIe Association AA • 0 18t-$150; 2nd-$1 00; 3rd-$75; 41h-$50; 5th-$25. N L N L (0!sg0nIWashingt) (106ll6nts) lst-$350; 2nd-$200; 3rd-$100. K lst-$250; 2nd-$150; 3rd-$100. or MX bike this season, you'll see exactly L lst-$2OO; 2nd-$l00; 3rd-$75. • 0 N 200 B, 35+ Vel A, 30+ lnl B, 250 e, Sr B, 30+ Int A, 35+ Vet B, Sr A, 4 Stroke B (SoHtheastem US,) AA, 200 A, 250 A, 4 Slroke A N N K 0 181-$75; 200-$50; 3rd-$25. P 181-$100; 200-$75. M lst-$15O; 2nd-$100; 3rd-$7 K Country Racing AssociatIon what we mean. Because anyone • can swing a purse. But hauling off the (10-*11 T_Cross • J 125 C, 200 C, 250 C, WOlTlen SETRA 125 A, 125 B, 250 B, Sr B, Vet A, 200 e, Enduro series (Soulhwestem US,) Vet e, 4 Stroke B, Sr A (10 ewlIIl$) AA, 200 A, 250 A, 4 Stroke A SERA EIllillo series H you're on a '95 or newer Kawasaki off-road N • competition takes a real van. • (l~rits) Kawasaki another individual, the ·Sponsor' must complete the 'Sponsor Rider Affidavit" Dealers sponsOIing riders must have paid for unit in furl. In cases of dual sanclioned events. rider will be paid for one evenl only. 8 Kawasaki logo and original color plastic components must remain on machine, 9 U.S. Supercross and AMA National Championship winners will be paid by check. All other winning riders will receive "Team Green Bucks" which must be redeemed within 60 days of date-oHssue at authorized Kawasaki retailer lor Kawasaki vehicles, parts or merchandise. 10 It is the Riders responsibility to verily contingency paying dates and localions with promoters. 11 All Conlingency musl be claimed by December 31,1996. 12 Program Oates: Jan 1-Dec 31,1996. © 1995 Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. For the dealer nearest you. call 1-800-661 RIDE. Always wear a helmet. eye protection and proper appare1. Never ride under the influence ot drugs or alcohol. For closed course competition use only. Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your owne(s manual. Specifications subject to change. Availability may be limited. " New Series lor 1996.

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