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Expert main at Oregon Sidewinders $4000 IT Regional. Brad Hurst rode his best to finish a wheel behind Fay at the finish, as did third-place Randy Green. Seattle' Honda's Chris Fitzhugh ran away wit~ the ~un!or m?in event and CalifornIan Wmkle FreItas held off Washington's Randy Roose for the Novice win. Freitas had the pole for the Novice main event and took the lead at the flash of the green light. Freitas led riders from five states with Roose (Hon) ramming from behi~d. Roo~ took the lead away from FreItas but It only lasted 15 feet when Freitas went inside to take back the lead and pull away on the Freitas BrosiBlendzaJl Dave Bird!Arilla MeatIWood-Rotax 500. Roose was left to fend off Californian .lace Ca~ter (Hon) and Oregonians Marty Zubel (Yam) andJack "Bugsy" Booth (H-D). Booth bailed off, .which left an opening for ~ash ington's Ricky Albee (Yam) m the top five. Trailing amazing Freitas by a huge margin of nearly a haH I~p, Roose, Zirbel, Carter, Albee and .JIm Dunken followed the diminutive Californian to the flag. Mike Oglesbee launched his 500 Honda into the lead of the 15-lap Junior main, but the only problem was tricky Fitzhugh, who got off the line in second and was right there to snap the leadawa~. Fitz~ugh, ",:ith a win could secure his J umor Regional title and wasn't about to relinquish his lead to one of fi ve riders Oglesbee, Ryan Fisher, Bob Moran, Brian McGonigal and Frank Cranevying for second. Fisher charged past Oglesbee but watched ~n disbelief as Fitzhugh opened up a sIx-second lead over Fisher's Sip-N-Dippity!Simpson Rotax 560. Fitzh ugh breezed to the win with Fisher second, getting Sidewinders Junior class laurels. Third went to Oglesbee ahead of McGonigal, Moran, Craneand Californian Dan McDonell. Hurst put all 750cc of Triumph to the ground to lead the 20-lap Expert main event. Green, Fay, Jeff Campbell, Frank Word (Adams Tri) and John Wi ncewicz made up a parade of National numbers on lap two, whIch saw a change of leads when Fay charged past Hurst and Green. The next lap had Green put his Honda 600 into first. The race was so close for the first-place payoff of nearly $800 that it could have gone any which way, not to mention the massive argument between Campbell and Wincewicz for third. Green Yielded to Fay once again and.rode in third after being bumped from the spot. by Hurst, who looked for an opemng and bad only five laps to get by. Hur tand Fay took the most exciting battle-of the season down to the last lap with Hurst riding the wall and Fay the inside. Fay tucked to the low line to get the win by a wheel over Hurst. Green took third, wrapping up his Sidewinders Expert title in the process, with Wincewicz nabbing Campbell for fourth. Results EX: 1. Micltey Foy (H·D); 2. Bred Hurst (Tri); 3. Rohdy Groen (Hon); 4. John Wincewicz (Tri); 5. Jeff Compbell (C·A); 6. Jeff McDoniel (Rtx); 7. Miko Sui· liven (Tri); B. Fro" Word III (Tri); 9. Benji bkarien (Hon); 10. Larry Loge"o (Tri); 11. Kirk Stro"l! (Hon); 12. Jeffrey Horsho (Yom). JR: 1. Chris Fitzhugh (Hon); 2. Ryen Fisher (Rtx); 3. Miko Ogl'- (Hon); 4. Brion McGonigel (Rtx); 5. Bob Moron (H·D); 6. Fronk Cro.,. (Hon); 7. Den McDonnell (Hon); B. Torry Wohl (C·A); 9. Rodnoy Roynoldll (Hon); 10. Adem Sobedro (Hon); 11. Steve Kendig (Tril; 12. Don Brunner (Hon). NOV: 1. Winkie Froit.. (Rtx); 2. Rondy Roose (Hon); 3. Morty Zirbel (yom); 4. Joco Cortor (Hon); 5. RickAl_ (Vom); 6. Jim Dun...n (Vospol; 7. Joson Naylor (Vespa); B. Robbie Blagg (Hon); 9. Kenny Whooton (Hon); 10. Jeck BOO1h (H·D); 11. Koith Bernhordt IHon); 12. A.J. Eschwig (Hon). TROPHV DASH . EX; 1. Rondy Groen (Hon); 2. John WincowlCZ (Tri); 3. Brott Berkmon (H-D~ 4. Bred H"!rst (Tri). JR: 1. Chris Fitzhugh (Hon); 2. Ryon Fllher (Atx); 3. Mike Ogl.- (Hon); "4. Bob Moron (H-D). NOV: 1. Rondy Roose (Honl; 2. Winkio Froitos (Rtx); 3. Riclt A1bee (Yom); 4. Joce Corter (Hon). SIDEWINDERS CHAMPIONS EX: 1. Rendy Green lHon 600). JR: 1. Ryon Roher (Rtx 580). NOV: 1. Monv Zirbel (Yom 500). z Keepin' Up with Jones at ~ Z w CoronaMX " > By Nate Rauba 5 '" :I: CORONA, CA, AUG. 24 a.. Victory has always seemed to elude Kinney Jones in the 250cc Intermediate class here at Cor- . ona Raceway. But after a lot of second:: and third-place finishes Jones finally pulled off the overall win with a 1-2 performance. Honda-mounted Ron Lawson rounded the first turn in the lead of molO one ahead of Tony Strangio (Pomona Valley Kawasaki/O'Neill! Scott KX) and Skip Fordyce Honda! . Malcolm Smith Racing-backed Jones. After a lap the top three were very close and Strangio attempted to squeeze to the inside of Lawson exiting the first set of stadium whoops. Lawson didn't give an in0h and slammed the door in the corner, and then Jones tried to get Strangio in the next setof whoops. Jones' line didn't work so the positions remained the same. Strangio went back to the inside of Lawson at the same place on the third lap and was able to squeeze into the lead, and a few moments later Jones followed and dropped Lawson to third. Not far behind Lawson came Tom Brown (Hon) who was fighting with Scott Yenzer (Hon) over fourth. Strangio picked up the pace after gaining first, but Jones was right in his shadow. At the beginning of the fifth lap Jones made his move and powered by Strangio entering turn one, then quickly established a little distance. On the same lap both Yenzer and Brown dropped Lawson till further back. As the race wound down Strangio began slowing down, giving Jones a comfortable lead to the finish and allowing Yenzer to motor by on the final lap to take second. Law on proved to be the quickest ofC the line when he hoLeshot the start of the second moto. Honda riders Bob Hall and Tim Whitlock followed, while Jones gated poorly and was about eighth. Whitelock went by Hall on the first lap, and on the second go-'round took the lead from Lawson. As Whitlock began to pull clean, a close battle for fourth was raging between Brown, Jones, and Yenzer. J ones was the first to break free and quickly moved into second on the third lap. Lawson pulled off the track shortly afterwards with a twisted knee, giving third to Hall. Whitlock was too farout front, so Jones just rode at a conservative pace, losing some ground to Hall, who had Yenze.r in his tracks. Yenzer got by on the fmal lap, but Jone was a safe distance ahead and crossed the line second to secure the overal I. Results PEE WEE 9-: 1. Mike Metzger (Honl; 2. Dovid Ochoa (Kow); 3. Joson Lentz (Hon). PEE WEE 10+: 1. Jimmy Willioms (Yom). MINI BEG 12-: 1. Clint Briske(Kew); 2. Guy Deckort (Kew); 3. Cody Shipley (Suli. . MINI BEG 13+: 1. Den leumbeck (Kowl; 2. Dovld Porker (Yom); 3. Scolt Stro"l!io (Kow). MINI NOV: 1. Joson Collier(Yom); 2. Allon Brohm (Kowl; 3. Andres Chevez lKew). MINIINT: 1. Sioen Cooper (Vam); 2_ Stove Womboldt (Kow). MINI EX: 1. Miko Wiese (Vom). 125 BEG I: 1. Joel Kirkpotrick (Suz); 2. Rondy Donylo (Vom); 3. Mike Allison (Suli. t 25 BEG II: 1. Ron Montorone (Ceg); 2. Robert Briney (Hon); 3. Koith McCullugh (Vom). 125 BEG III: 1. Shown Sleyton (Suz); 2. Brion Koith (Suz): 3. Jobber Prince (Vom). 125 NOV: 1. Billy Gilben (Vom); 2. Cliff Wells (Suzl; 3. Chorles Gonzolos (SUl). . 1251NT: 1. Mike Mclain (Kew); 2. BJ Mllispough (Yoml; 3. Chris Pillow (Honl· t 25 PRO: 1. Steve Stewort (Kew); 2. Shewn Dovldson (Kew); 3. Eddy Cook (Suz). 250 BEG: 1. Eddie Wright (Vom); 2. Jim Porolte (KTM); 3. Steve Bokor (Yoml. 250 NOV: 1. Mork Howard; 2. Brell Menley (Hon); 3. Tim Pols (Hon). 250 INT: 1. Kinnoy Jones (Hon); 2. Scoll Venzer (Hont; 3. Bob HeII.lHon). -, ,. . (Above) Chad Siumskie leads winner Leo Loomis in Ascot Mini Novice action. (Below) Steve Stewart took Corona's 125cc Pros. 250 PRO: 1. Jerry Black (Suz); 2. Chris Fleming (Suz); 3. Colin Ryan (Voml. OPEN BEG; 1. Tim Vickrog (Honl; 2. Kenny Web (Vam); 3. Keith Fisher (Honl. OPEN NOV: 1. Bill.Mahoney (Hon); 2. Danny Cukor (Suzl; 3. Robert Temple (Vom). OPEN INT: 1. Dean Wilkorson (Honl; 2. Rob Shefer (Suz). OPEN PRO: 1. Greg Zitterkopf (M-Star); 2. Pat Michoels (Honl. VETS: 1. Ted Metzger (Honl; 2. Bob Watson (Kaw~; 3. Mike Norris (Suz). Hedge sweeps Huetter FT By Clay Ught COEUR D' ALENE, !D, AUG. 23 Troy Hedge made a killing in the Huetter three-eighths-mile flat track's second-to-Iast race of the season. He walloped four main events, which is a first this season, winning the 80, 125, 250cc and Open A mains. Ron Yamamoto manhandled the Open and 500cc Money classes on his self-sponsored Hondas. Hedge opened up the evening by thoroughly thrashing the 80cc class with a sweep of the three-moto program over Honda-mounted Billy Lenz. Lenz again ran runner-up to Hedge in the 125cc main as ~ell as .for the third time in the 250 malO, whIch was a classic barn-burner. Hedge led Lenz, Pat Stults (Han1, Pat Kennedy and Scott Coyne (Yam) to the checkers. Hedge came back to hau.nt th~ O~n A main and for the first ume 10 numerous attempts !lad taken a clean sweep of all the Amateur.cLasses except the 60cc division, in which he's too old to ride. Richie Hayman (Yam) bla ted into the lead in the 250cc Expert final, controlling the tempo while Rusty Yamamoto (Yam), brother Mike Hayman (Han), and AMA Novice Clint Baskett (Hon) gave chase back in the dust. Richie Hayman u ed his Expert expertise to take the payoff after beating Yamamoto, Mike Hayman, Baskett and Pro MXer Andy] ames ( uz). Ron Yamamoto put his Honda into the lead in the 500cc Experts' run-off, having controlled both previous outings_ By lap three Yamamoto had only his shadow to pace himself, leaving Arney Wick (Hon) and Tony Cruickshank (Suz) 10 trade paint in a swapfest for second. Can?dian Royal Adderson (Han) rode 10 fourth and found that no one beats the "regulars". Adderson. here for the Idaho mile, was relegated to fourth at the finish behind Yamamoto, Wick and Cruickshank. Wick gave the hometown crowd something to cheer about when he put his Coeur D' Alene Honda into the lead at the start of the Open Expert main. Yamamoto was right there in second but couldn't close the gap on the Idaho speedster. Cruickshank and Richie Hayman rode in third and fourth while up front it seemed to be Wick's night. The only bad thing was that Wick was caught sleeping on the very last lap and the very last corner by Yamamoto, who was right there 10 take advantage and grab the win. Cruickshank got the ,. 29

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