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nature in the form of desert thundershowers and lightning. AMA Junior Mike Hayman did the same after demolishing the 250cc Expert main on his Yamaha. Troy Hedge (Yam) stormed into the lead at the start of a thrilling I25cc A main event to lead Lenz and Tom Hansen around the heavily watered track, which was doused by man made inventions. Hedge and Lenz had their usual war for the lead with Hedge getting the nod for the win. Positions changed in the 250cc A main with Lenz, Hedge, Guy Morden and Scott Coyne (Yam) fighting for top positions. Lenz and Hedge buried the competition as they do every race but it was Lenz coming out on top ahead of Hedge. Morden took third with Coyne fourth. Hayman hauled into the lead in the 250cc Expert main as the skies drew incredibly·black and many had their doubts about completing the pro-. gram. Hayman was out to beat the showers and rode a rampant pace, putting Clint Baskett and Rod Ginn In the place and show positions. The most bizarre race of the season was the 12-lap Open Expert main event, that was cut short considerably due to some nasty thundershowers that made the going rather soupy after a heavy downpour. Amidst all the confusion was the Open Pro main, gating a full field which saw National number 46 Ron Yamamoto (Hon) take the lead into turn one followed by Tony Cruickshank (Suz) and Rusty Yamamoto (Mai). Things got tricky when the finalists hit the east turn and the entire hoardecrashed into one another and looked at each other in disbelief. Ron Yamamoto made things pay off with his roosty holeshot and by holding the lead at the end of a lap was declared the winner. Cruickshank, Rusty Yamamoto, Jeff Seldon and Tim Stults (Hon) were in the money with their top five positions before the incident. The real surprise came when the riders were collecting their machinery and watched in horror as lightning ripped through the tower, sending all scattering for safety and bringing an end to a most bizarre night of racing in the panhandle. We're Serl_ Abold y_ EqtIIpnIIlIt ~ TEAM QUESTER W.LR.A. Endurance Series Points Leader Mike Harlow of Team Quester Racing, 1984 W.E.R.A. Endurance Series Points Leader, has this to say about the Weigl Telefix Sport Fairing Lowers: "We have found these fairing lowers to be much more than a cosmetic addition. Our Suzukis run faster and track better with them installed." Phil Smith of Barber Honda, member of the team that won the 750cc Class at the Riverside A.F.M. 6-Hour: "The additional streamlining allowed our nearly stock Interceptor to run with more powerful modified machines. It ran without a hitch for the six hours in 102 degree hea 1. .. Color matched and ready to install, these lowers are at your dealers now. THE WEIGL CO., Inc. 1461 Arundel! Avenue Ventura, CA 93003 (805) 658-8010 ATPONCACIn 15 OF THE 20 WINNERS SAW THINGS OURWA~ Results OPEN EX: 1·. Ron Vememoto; 2. Tonv Cruickshenk; 3. Ruety Vemamoto; 4. Jeff Seldon; 5. Tim Stul1l. 250 EX: 1. Mike Hevmen; 2. Clint Beekelt; 3. Rod Ginn. 500 A: 1. Todd Sommers; 2. Joey Kopp; 3. Fren Gillhoover. 250 A: 1. Billy Len<; 2. Trov Hedge; 3. Guy Morden; 4. Soott Coyne. 125 A: 1. Troy Hedge; 2. Billy Lenz; 3. Tom Heneen. BO EX: 1. Billy Lenz; 2. Troy Hedge. BO A; 1. !.onnle Koup. 50 A; 1. Mert< Neloon; 2. Philip Michelson. PP: 1. Trixxy Derrerr. Strong;s at Bellingham FT ByCI8Y Ught DIRT DIGGERS 26th ANNUAl. aANCT_ AIM District 37 BELLINGHAM, WA, AUG. II Kirk Strong continued his reign of terror at Bellingham's Hannegan Speedway Pro-Am flat track program. Strong topped both the Open and 250cc Pro main events on Hondas as well as tieing the track record set by 15-year-old Canadian sensation Steve Aseltine with a 16.59. Strong won the Open Pro trophy dash but Aseltine bounced back to win the 250cc dash and ruin Strong's sweep. Strong breezed into the lead of the 250cc Pro main on his CR waterpumper-based Honda while Aseltine (Hon), AMA Experts Don Wilson and Randy Patterson (Yam) rode in tow. Strong shook off Aseltine, had an easy time topping the 12-lapmain event under dismal skies and left it up GRANDPFIX SEPT. 1 & 2 E9$: ~'SII\!lh w. SATURDAY1 TEAM RACE 1 bike, entry tee INDIAN DUNES [o'ni:ALI ~] FOR ENTRY IfFORMAllON: (213) 368-6503 .• I 39

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