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00 ~ Den ZIock 1111. Keith P1nkat11ff 8I1d Weyne Production bikes IUIe at Portland RR By Russ Cazier PORTLAND, OR, OCT. II Two of three Cafe classes and Open GP were won with stock motorcycles at Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association's last meet of the season at Portland In· ternational Raceway. Keith Pinkstaff won Open Cafe as well as Open Production on a stock Suzuki GSlloo; Rhys Howard won 550cc Production, 750cc Production and 600cc Cafe on a Canadian Yamaha 550 Seca while Wayne Tanner took Open GP on a GSlloo. Pinkstaff, Tanner and Dan Zlock, on a Cafe 850 Suzuki, put on a sevenlap exhibition of wheel-to-wheel, pass· and-get·passed dicing until Pinkstaff fmally broke away. Tanner cleared from ZlocIr. shortly after. ZlocIr., while finishing third in Open Cafe, won "his" class, 850cc Cafe. The c1asses run at the same time and Zlock enters both c1asses. John, who races a GSlOOO in Open Production, says Pinkstaff bas apparently been watching roller derby on TV and has ~Ioped a new passing technique. "On the 12th lap (of 15), I had naJled tum four about perfect and was just rolling the gas back on when a hand grabbed my right arm. Keith U8ed me for a slingshot pass and grinned at me as he went by on the right. If you gotta get lapped, I guess that's a class way to do it." Rhys Howard had a superb day, winning all three classes he entered. two of them under a considerable equipment deficit. Howard is a reporter's nightmare, as he does nothing but ride fast and smooth and win. If he and Pinkstaff find themselves on comparable machinery next year, the North· west will see some superb racing. 40 Doug Guthrie finally surpassed his mentor, Gene Brown, in 250cc GP. Guthrie, so pumped after the race as to be incoherent, managed to settle down enough to raise the ante in the Oregon Motorcycle Parts $750 claiming race by entering a TZ250. It was not the prettiest or newest TZ in the world, but all the parts were there. T..,., line up through • PlR tum. Naturally he won the $100 first place money, and also managed to get away with it when the bike was not claimed within 30 minutes. More checIr.books will probably be brought to the track next year, as 'people realized too late that spectators can claim bikes as well. Gene Brown, on the Trident Design/ Trac Performance Yamaha thumper, and Jeff Doan on a good RD Yamaha cafe bike put on a fme dice for second in600cc Cafe. Doan finally overpowered his K-81s and lowsided sy1ish1y in tum one, setting an unofficial PIR record of a loo-foot slide on asphalt and another 50 feet in the grass. Doan was unhurt; the RD looked perfect on one side and pretty bad on the other. Results OPEN PROD: 1. Keilh _ lSuzl; 2. W.."." Tennor lSuzl; 3. _ _ tHanI. 7!iO PROD: 1. Ahyo How.dlYom); 2. _ _ (Yom); 3. Mort< HiIlop lHonI. 560 PROD: 1. Ahyo _ d (Yom); 2. _ _ (Y..,); 3. _ _ (Yom). 430 PROD: 1. _ _ (Yom); 2. _ Adorno (Yom); 3. t.ry Buck (Yom). OPEN CAFE: 1. Keilh _ Tennor lSuzl; 3. Don ZIocI< lSuzl. lSuzl; 2. W.."." Church, Freese flawless at Territorial MX opener By Clay Ught EUGENE, OR, OCT. 18 Wayne Church (Valley Cycle Yam) and Mark Freese (Eugene Suz) were the victors of the day in 125 and 250cc Pro action here at Territorial MX. Both local riders went )-1, respectiVely, on this superb day. The tracIr. had ~ new layout, and Roger Campbelrs long work paid off as he was greeted by a turnout of over 150 riders, despite running against the Oregon State Championship in Rose· burg just 50 miles south. In moto one of the 125cc Pros, Church took the holeshot with Jim Wiant (Yam of Springfield) and Terry Baker (Eugene Suz) following. The Intermediates were also combined with the Pros, and Dwayne Taylor (Hon) led the large pack followed by 1980 Hi-Point winner Rick Gunderson (Suz) and Mark Esterberi(Vam). The Pros stretched out a huge lead over the Intermediates, except for one rider who was getting some funny Jeff Irwin pushed his IT to third Open A lit the Dlemondbeck enduro. looks. The rider was Taylor, who was gaining ground on the Pros and had closed to within distance of Wiant who had surrendered second place then was soon in third when Baker took over from Church by the midway point. One lap later, Baker was sidelined by a broken shifter and yielded to Taylor who was on the move. Church took the win followed by Wiant, Taylor and Baker. Taylor was the Intermediate winner with Gunderson second and Esterburg third. Moto two, Church again headed the pack with Wiant and Baker immediately trading paint for that precious second place spot. Taylor wasn't let off as easily this time as he had Esterburg to contend with. Church was long gone and Baker couldn't get by Wiant; each time Wiant would cut him off and took second with Baker third and Loch Names (Kaw) fourth after working from dead last. Taylor won moto two as well for the 'overall with his I-I while Esterburg had a !I·2 second and Lenny Sayles (Yam) 4-3 for third. In 250cc Pro/Intermediate action, Kelly Whelchel (Corvallis Hon) took the holeshot with Mark Freese (Eugene Suz) and Richard Earle (Light Racing Products Yam), on this reporter's LOP Yamaha, following. Earle was first to bail off, leaving him to contend with the bug-eyed Intermediate riden. Whelchel was next to loop it over one of the many stadium style jumps, letting new Pro Freese into the lead and putting'Earle in second. Mike Robinson (Yam) led the first two laps in the Intermediate class, then it was Marty Mayhews' (Han) tum. Each had a two lap tum at leading, as did Mike Smothers (Kaw). Freese took a wailing win followed by Earle who had closed the gap in the late going and Whelchel, who nursed his Honda across the line for third. Don Bliss (Corvallis Honda) was fourth after problems while Robinson took the Intermediate portion. Second go had Earle take the hole· shot, but Freese was quick to talle over when Earle missed a shift. This was one close race throughout the entire moto. It could have been anyone's race, but Freese rode flawlessly for a I·) while Earle rode his best all year for second overall with his 2-2 over Whelchel's !I-!I. Robinson took the Intermediate overall with his win in as well for a 1·1 blitz followed by Mayhews (!I-!I) and Smothers (2·4). mota two Results PEE WEE: 1. Jimmy Row (Yom); 2. Chuck s_· (Yom); 3. Trov CompbelIISuzl. MINI NOV: 1. IIiIIy Glenn 1K8w); 2. -Flondy W... lKawl; 3. T""V Ch8mbIin (Yom). MINIINT: 1. ShMn ComIII (Yom). 100 NOV: 1. Kirk PoIonic:k (Yom); 2. John Senden lSuzl; 3. C8rI R_ISuzl. 100 INt: 1. Todd Krenid< IK8w); 2. Scott _ (Y..,). 125 PRO: 1. W.."." Church (Y..,); 2. Jimmy Wiont (Yom); 3. T""V _ _ (Suzl. 125 INT: 1. Dw8yne Taylor lHonl; 2. Mort< Esterborg IYom); 3. Lonny s.yteo (Yom). 125 NOV: 1. W. SW8W~ (Yom); 2. Jm K~ISuzl;3. t.ry ~ (Yom). 250 PRO: 1. Mort< _ lSuzl; 2. R _ E8rte (Yoml; 3. KoIIv _IHan). 250 INT: 1. - . _ (Yom); 2. Mor1y ~ (Honl; 3. - . Smolhors 1K8w). 250 NOV: 1. Cho! CompbeII lKawl; 2. Milut Obie lHan); 3. DoIIid _ (Yoml. OPEN INT: 1. Kent C'-""" IYoml; 2. 0ereI< Louring IYom): 3. DINe lied< (Yom). OPEN NOV: 1. Rid< Fronce (Yom); 2. Jeff Meyers IMell; 3. Gron1 Hugheo (Yom). 30-10: 1. Bill Row (Yom); 2. Jobn English IICTM); 3. C_S_lMoiI. 860 CAFE: 1. 08n Z10dc ISuzl; 2. Gene Brown (Yom); 3. Mort< Hiolop lHan). eoo CAFE: 1. Rhyo - . I (Yom); 2. Gene Brown (Yom); 3. Joe Rodgon lSuzl. OPEN GP: 1. W.."." Tennor ISuzl; 2. Dele FrrilIn (Yom); 3. Gene Brown (Yom). 250 GP: 1. Doug Gu1hrie (Yom); 2. S _ !lIIwIey (Yom); 3. Gene Brown (Y..,). OPEN SGL GP: 1. Gene Brown (Y..,); 2. Dele ZIocI< IManI; 3. Eldon W..., (Yom). 250 SGL GP: 1. Dele ZIocI< lMonl; 2. Rid< ,,-IHonI; 3. Bob II

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