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aMedford Motocross u ORvs.CAat o g; By Delbert Longbrake MEDFORD, OR, NOV. 11 The 1980-81 motocross season ..... got off to a good stan at the Med~ ford Motocross with good racing ~ and excellent track conditions. M Q; J:2 S Q; > o Z 28 Racing at the Medford Motocross could actually be called the Oregon-California challenge races because a battle always seems to develop between an Oregon and a California rider for first place. The first time this happened during the day was in the Mini Expert class. Rio Dell, CA, rider Don Church and Medford, OR, rider Robbie Blagg pulled out of the starting gate side by side in their first moto, but Robbie soon took his Specialty Cycle Yamaha out In front. Church tried to get around Blagg, but each time he tried, he would find the door slammed in his face by the determined Blagg. The battle continued down to the white flag and with one lap to go, it appeared Blagg was in control. The two future stars brought their race to a fast right·hand comer only 20 feet from the checkered flag and Robbie stuffed his machine into a berm, ready to rocket to the flag. But somehow. all that happened was Robbie augering into the berm on his head. Church rode the 20 feel to the flagman for first. Robbie picked his machine up and pushed it across for second place ahead of third place rider Rick Lee. In the second moto, Blagg again pulled ahead of Church and this time stayed on top of his Yamaha's two wheels all the way to the flag for first. Church brought his Richard Millersponsored Yamaha in for second. The spectators were happier than a pig in a mudhole on a hot summer day when they found out that Larry Hooper was racing on his home track. Larry first rode in the 250cc Pro class on his "For Sale" Yamaha. The 250cc Pros pulled onto the track with Larry in first place followed by Ron Haskett who was riding his KTM. Interestingly enough, 50% of the class was made up of KTMs. Larry quickly put his Yamaha's cruise control into "F' for fast and easily won the moto. Haskett remained in second throughout the moto while Tim Phillis held third. The second moto saw Ron Haskett pull a holeshot, and then lead the class for three laps. At that time, Larry once again pulled by for first which is where he stayed until the flag. Haskett followed for second with Randy Pekarek placing third. The Open Pro class again saw Hooper riding. this time on his big Maico, and again he led the fmt moto from start to finish. Behind Larry was Eureka, CA, rider Rod Nordstrom and local KTM ace Clark Gardner. The second Open Pro moto was another of those California vs. Oregon races. By the time the Open class ran their second moto, it was starting to get dark, but the Californians sa~ only brightness when their rider, Nordstrom, took his Pacific BMW Yamaha into the early lead ahead of Hooper. The Oregonians paid little attention to this, thinking Larry was simply playing with Rod. The Californians started gathering at the start-finish to wave Rod on. Not to be outdone, the Oregonions gathered in their own group to wave Larry on. The crowds grew and became noisier with each lap, and when Larry started catching up with Rod, the Oregon side was elated. But their smiles turned to scowls when Larry stalled his Maico giving Rod a new lease on life. The Californians were jubilant as they watched their rider stretch his lead. Larry restarted his scooter and began to track down "Rapid Rod" and before long. he was again on the Yamaha rider's rear fender. But who knows what evil lurks in the minds of California motocross riders? Larry Hooper knows! As Larry passed the Oregon crowd, he received a large cheer and a hardy "hi-hoi" But when he passed through the California section, not even La rry could believe what he saw. As he passed, three Californians pulled their leathers down and gave him the royal salute. Larry was able to pull around Rod and finish the moto in first place. Both riders were cheered by all who were present as they came across the finish line. Results 125 PflO: 1. W8fren Sorahan IVaml. 250 PRO: 1. l.8fry Hooper (Vaml; 2. Ron Hasken (KTMI; 3. Randy Pekarek !KTMI. OP£N PRO: 1. Larry Hooper (Mai); 2. Rod Noe Blagg (Vaml; 2. Don Church IVaml. MINI SR: 1. Troy Davis IS02I. 100 JR: 1. Don Church (Vaml; 2. Kevin Cosey IS02). 125 JR: 1. Mark McCarty IHanl; 2. Mike Russell (Kawl; 3. Mike Begley (Mail. 125 INT: 1. Re. Hasken (Suz). 250 JR: 1. Clayton Grier IVam); 2. Jack Hudson (Hanl; 3. Gene Miller IHonl. • 250 INT: 1. Devin Madison IKrMI; 2. Dray Ellison IVaml. OP£N JR: 1. Scan Elder IMonl. OP£N INT: 1. Joe Stagg IMati. OlD TIMERS: 1. Fred P8fian, (Vaml; 2. Rick Byrd IVaml; 3. Jeff Hensler IVam). Nelson nails CMC HuronMX By Jerry Parsons HURON, CA, NOV. 2 Huron's fast and ragged sand track took its toll on many rid· ers, but at the' end of the' day, 125cc Pro Jon Nelson and 125cc Intermediate Jeff Stalling stood the victors. The 125cc Pro class blasted off the line with Nelson setting a blistering pace that would carry him to a win 15 laps later. Jim Reese (Hon) and Chris Bennincosa (Suz) both shot hard at Nelson's feet as they coped with the Huron sand. By lap four, Tracy Knight (Yam) had moved into the action and took over third spot with Dave Furrer (Yam) on his tail. Randy Johnston (Mug) was putting pressure on equally as hard as he overtook Furrer during lap six to take over founh position. Nelson's lead continued to stretch as he used his skill in the sand to leave the pack. The second moto started with Nelson again pulling an early lead. Knight started his fight early and pushed at Nelson's rear fender. Bennincosa and Henry Armenderiz (Yam) both fought hard to keep pace with the leaders as they held third and fourth respectively. By lap three, Armenderiz had found a fast line and moved by Bennincosa to take third position. By lap five, Bennincosa had begun to pass again, and Reese moved into fourth position, which he held for three laps before dropping out. Lap 11 started to take its toll on the riders as Armenderiz slipped by Knight to take away second place. This swap lasted for one lap before Knight overtook Armenderiz to regain second. Ne.lson stretched his lead in front of the pack as he took the checkered and the victory. Knight finished second and Armenderiz third. The 125cc Intermediate class rounded the first tum with Wayne Schott (Suz) pulling an early lead. Shawn Holahan (Yam) and Bill Blair (Suz) both followed hard in Schott's tracks as the sand course became rougher. Soon afterward, Holahan was out of the race leaving Blair in second with Mike Scruggs (Hon) charging in for third. By lap three, Steve Lacey (Suz), who had suffered from a bad start, was moving through the pack to overtake second position. Two laps later saw Lacey holding the lead 'with Schott dropping to second. Soon, many riders began to feel the pressure of the sand track as many dropped out of the race. By mid-point in the moto, Blair began to feel ill as he dropped from the top running. John Stallings moved into third and began chasing Schott. By lap six, Stallings made his way by to' finish in second position followed by Schott, Lacey the winner. The second moto started with Schott pulling a repeat of his first moto lead, only this time followed by Lacey. Lacey was making his move early in this moto and pressing hard for a win. Ken Rames (Yam) was also pressing hard as he held onto third position. By lap three, Lacey had made his move and overtaken Schott for the lead. The next lap saw bad luck for Lacey as he went down, leaving him out for the remainder of the race. Stalling was quick to pick up on the misfortune and made his move past Schott for the lead. Holahan. who suffered a poor start, was moving rapidly through the pack as he moved up on Schott whom he overtook for second. Stalling finished first with Holahan second and Schott third. Results ATC: 1. Tany Williams; 2. Terry Sanders; 3. Shaun Stalling. MINI JR: 1. Tony Toste IVaml; 2. Kirk JohannslSuzl; 3. Ken Shirley. INT: 1. SIe\Ien Day IS02I; 2. D8fCY Hernandez (Kawl; 3. Greg Anderson ISuz). EX: 1. Lee Duncan (Yaml. 100 JR: 1. Lou - . 0 0 IS02); 2. Rodney McKinney (Suzl; 3. Brian Walker (So2). !NT: 1. Del C r _ (S02I. 125 JR: 1. Ken Bookout (Hanl; 2. Lionel Delaware CHon); 3. Rick Vork (Honl. 125 INT: 1. Jell (S02I; 2. Shoun Holahan (Yern); 3. Wayne Schon lSuzl. 250 INT: 1. Mer!< _ (Suz); 2. Raul Hubert CHon); 3. Jerry Parsons lSuzl. OP£N JR: 1. Jell Quich (Va

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