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You'll •• ,_ ~ Always . . . . . . . . . . Seelt FIRST • • • • .. r· j~~-- _ America's Weekly Motorcycle Newspaper. in Publisher & Editor•• Chuck ("1ayton ASSIstant Editor . . . • • Eric Raits Business Manager•• Sharon Clayton Orrice Manager••Gaylene Thomason Production Manager•• Dennis Greene Production Asst••Dean Cunn, ndtam Circulalion Mana ger•• Bruce F..asley Bookkeeper•••• , , Susan Whitelaw Lab Technician••••••Lily La.kich Want Ads••••••••• Sandra Pur .. out-a-sight" , and one of the only contacts Gary bas with the cycling scene whlle he's so far away from borne and the sport be loves_ I mail every copy to b1m (after I read it!) and be really enjoys the news. Thank you, from the heart. CATHY L. MITCHELL San Jose, Cal. Uptown L.A. Motorcycle Park Newly re-elected Mayor Yorty of Los Angeles Is planning to set aside a portion of Elysian Park, near Dodger Stadium, for motorcycle riding. One of the Mayor's asststants, Ernest Conroy, bas two children who ride, but there is no place available at present in L.A. City where off-road motorcycle riding is of!iclally permitted. Forest Service May Close Saow Mt. '!be Snow Mountain area of Mendocino National Forest in Northern California is in danger of being closed to motor vebicles. "Recently, motorized (trail bike) travel bas ••• been popular" in the area, according to the Forest Dept. newsletter. A dec1s1on w1ll be made this fall. interested readers sbould contact Lloyd R. Britton, c/o Forest Service, Willows, Calif. 95988 to be sure their interesls are represented. BILL HARMER PRAISED The Lucky Wbeels Motorcycle Club wishes to thank you for the good news Wheeler Is A Dealer Frank (" Wbeelie") Wbeeler, famous for bis marathon bike and canoe rides, will be importing a new line of motorcycles called "WildCat." They will start arriving the middle of this month, in 100, 125 and 175cc sizes with 5 and 6-speed transmissions. Those whO've seen them describe the Wild cats as looking like Hodakas with Yamaha engines. Wbeelie's address is 10106 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 90044. Miller's Trials Dates in lJ.S. Sammy Miller, theworldfamcustrials champion, will be appearing in Los Angeles July 26 and 27, August 2 and 3 in San Francisco, August 9 and 10 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in New England August 17 and 18. Fresbfrom winnlngthe Scottish Six Day Trial, he w1ll conduct a trials riding scbool on Saturdays and bold a competitive trials on Sunday. Watch Cycle News East & West for exact locations. FINISH THE FUNNY June's 'Finish the Funny' winner came to us from Monte Lawson, Coalinga, California. Monte was a runner-up last month but be really hit it big this time. Our gratitude and five smackers are on their way to you, Monte. Every other entry in this contest seemed to be, "There goes the neighborhood," and we decided to reward orig1nal1ty in picking the winner. Some of the other entries were: "I've been expecting this ever since the BLM clOSed the desert." ••,steve Van Wormer, Los Angeles, Cal., "Quick, radio the Sierra Club. He'll ruin our barren waste!" ••.George Raina, Granada Hills, Cal., "I heard they set cer.tain areas aside for them, but tills is ridiculous!" •••J.L. Bishop, San Diego. "We have enough craters without them knobbies here, they sure do bite the cheese." .•.steve Seeger, Quartz Hill, Cal., ,. Oh no, @#??#!!, 'Motorcycle Syndrome', Earthman's most feared epidemic bas even hit NASA; and we were worriedaboutthe common cold virus!" •.•Cathy Mitcbell, San Jose, Cal. . "Man, that's a cool bike that dude's got; but what the hell is that thing be'S riding out of?" .••B. Turnbaugh, Tustin, Cal. sent that one in. Watch for our next finish the funny contest. Maybe you will be the next big winner. "Sound of Speed" On Radio Southern California's only nigbtly radio news program devoted entirely to motor sports features calendar items and results out of Cycle News. Called "Sound of Speed," the program is heard nightly on radio station KEZY (AM 1190)at6:55. it Is hosted by Larry Huffman and can be taDed in from San Diego to the San Fernando Valley. Cate Birth Announcemeot •'Hunt1Dgtoo Beach Cycle Park presents their Park Champion for 1969 ArrlY1nC approxt_tely August 27, 1969." So begins the c:1eYerest flyer that bas come across the Cycle News desk in a long I1me. "'!be champ w1ll come equipped with BaWl-Bearing and fuel injection, Scream-lined body and two lungpower. He w1ll also have the t1nest in water cooled exbaustand c:ba.Dgeab1e seat covers. '!be decision whether champ w1ll be a racer or a tropby girl w1ll be kept secret unl1l the event." U you haven't guessed alreadY, it was a birth announcement from DOD and Hope England, expectant parents and owners of Hunl1ngtoo Beach (Calif.) Cycle Park. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY COURSE Robert Mullaney w1ll offer" Teaching Motorcycle Safety and Rider Training" for UCSB extension, June 16-26, at San Marcos H1gb School. The fee is $60. HURD-SMITH KAWA 3 ENTERS 12·H Steve Hurd w1ll enter the same Kawasaid Mach III that finished 8th in the recent Baja 500 in the ACA 12-hour Production road race marathon at Willow Springs, Calif. this weekend. Darned r these . I DEMOCRACY IS DIFFICULT It's unfortunate that AI Mark's guest ed1tartals were run. He is 1lllqual1f1ed to write about today's AFM, being uninvolved in it. He may be upset because be ran for L.A. Chapter aff1ce and was defeated. Perhaps be Is pro-rider, buU've never seen him out l1fl1ng baybales, waYlng flags, or pusb1ng a troom. Al proudly speaks r:I. bis big mouth (ask bim!). His main funct10n in the AFM is to make chlIpter meel1ngs unpleasant. Constructive criticism is beaul1tul, but Mr. Mark bas no tact. '!be persoonel be attacks have sometb1ng in common: they want road racing to continue and grow. Those who ride realize thatiftbey don't do the work they are doing, they may wind up with no races to nm at Orange County. As road racing grows, controversy w1ll arise concerning the directions it Is to take. 1 work for the AFM because it Is founded on principles of democracy, and these principles could be better utillZed if more people would take prtde in the club, get involved and informed, and thereby help insure a good future for the sport. ED LIGHT Vice Pres., L.A. Chapter AFM COMMENT: Cycle News is extremelY proud or the example the AFM has set so rar as a democratic racing aS911cialion that worl

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