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VOL. 50 ISSUE 9 MARCH 5, 2013 I���d like to think that no matter our differences, together we made a formidable team. If I was the face of Cycle News, Henny was a good portion of its legs. And I���m not sure anyone has ever done it better. I know they���ve never done it longer. Making Cycle News a better publication, a better website, was always our collective goal ��� even though we oftentimes disagreed on how to obtain that goal. Henny was here to start fires. I was the one back in the office on a Monday ready to put them out. Sometimes it only took a small extinguisher. Other times it was the biggest fire hose I could procure. I agreed with 80 percent of what he wrote. The other 20 percent I let slide because the first 80 percent was so good. And I know he made a difference. One of my journalism professors once told me that if the people you were covering liked you, you probably weren���t doing your job. Henny did his job. And he didn���t give a crap about who liked him or who didn���t. My skin has always been a little thinner than his. While Henny didn���t have a wife and children, he cared about mine. If I had an important birthday, an anniversary��� hell, a little league game that at the time mattered to me, he was there to make sure I was here. Oftentimes he sucked it up and did the races alone just so I could do what he knew was more important to me. In the last few years when my job here changed somewhat, Henny did the majority of the races alone. But never Daytona. I was always there for that one. We were always there for that one. And I will be there next week. I really wish that when I walk into the room on Wednesday night at the Hampton Inn I���d find him there. Transcribing. As always. CN P101 LOOKING BACK 40 Years Ago March 13, 1973 We tested what we said was the only 250 MX Grand Prix bike you could buy ��� the $1200, 218-pound Montesa Vehkonen Replica��� Pierre Karsmaker continued to dominate the Florida Winter MX Series, this time at Ft. Pierce��� Roger DeCoster got the 1973 International MX season started with a win in Belgium��� Daytona was just around the corner and we previewed the weekend. 30 Years Ago March 16 1983 A photo of the CB650 Nighthawk was featured on the cover 30 years ago to accompany our riding impression of the new Honda street machine��� One of the wettest and muddiest in Supercross history took place in Georgia���s Fulton County Stadium where Suzuki���s Mark Barnett rode off with the soupy win over Bob Hannah and Broc Glover��� Pat Brown won the National Hare Scrambles in Hollister, California��� Mike Melton won the Sandlapper National Enduro in South Carolina. 20 Years Ago March 10, 1993 Mike Kiedrowski got on the front page 20 years ago after winning the AMA National MX opener in Gainesville, Florida. Jeremy McGrath won the 125 class��� We also featured a photo from the Daytona Endurance Race on the cover��� Joey Hopkins captured his first National Enduro win at the Cherokee in Georgia. 10 Years Ago March 5, 2003 We traveled to Australia and Philip Island to ride the newest GSX-R 1000 from Suzuki��� We also journeyed to Spain to ride Suzuki���s SV1000S��� Ricky Carmichael and Brock Sellards took top honors at the Atlanta Supercross��� Nick Pearson won the Quicksilver National Enduro in California.

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