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VOL. 50 ISSUE 3 JANUARY 22, 2013 much less our readership. Say what you want about our readers, but you can't say they aren't passionate about motorcycles and the sport of motorcycling. And that's something I'm always grateful for (okay, maybe not last week when I was getting bombarded with the mail). I'll take our readership over those from any motorcycle publication out there. For the most part, they are well informed, they have a solid grasp of the history of our sport and they are most definitely passionate. But I don't agree with the general theme from the majority of the angry letter writers that Cycle News was condoning riding dirt bikes on city streets without helmets. Or without any protective gear, for that matter. And with the general assumption by our readers that the motorcycles were stolen, we were also accused in some cases of condoning the illegal behavior of theft. Wrong, wrong and really wrong. At the risk of going against the conspiracy theorists, my intent for running "12 O'Clock In Baltimore" was not to make these guys more famous (or infamous). And it was not to make a statement that this sort of behavior is okay – with or without protective gear. That's not what we do here. What I like to think we do at Cycle News is inform and entertain our readers by providing them with the latest motorcycling news, reports from the biggest events, first looks and tests on the latest and greatest motorcycles and features on people who either race motorcycles or somehow make an impact on the world of motorcycling with what they do with motorcycles. For better or worse. So in closing, I'm not going to say I'm sorry for running the feature in last week's issue because I'm not. I'm only sorry that our readers didn't find it either entertaining or informative. CN P101 LOOKING BACK 40 Years Ago January 30, 1973 We took an in-depth look at the unique and limber riding style of flat tracker John Hately, who was shown in all his glory on the cover 40 years ago… We tested Honda's "pack mule" the CT 90, aka Trail 90… Jim Fishback won the Cactus Cats Hare Scrambles in the desert of Lucerne Valley, California… 30 Years Ago February 2, 1983 A trail-bike classic, the Honda XR200, was featured in action on the cover 30 years ago… Donnie Cantaloupi, David Bailey and Ron Lechien took top honors at the CMC Golden State MX Series at Sand Hill Ranch… Karl Jordan, Tom Benolkin and John Reinholt topped the Florida WinterAMA MX Series round in Orlando. 20 Years Ago January 27, 1993 The futuristic Yamaha GTS1000 was featured on the front page 20 years ago to accompany our riding impression of the bike that featured a single-sided swingarm front suspension, EFI, anti-lock brakes and Omega chassis… Damon Bradshaw won the Houston Supercross at the Astrodome, Guy Cooper finished second. Jimmy Gaddis won the 125 class. 10 Years Ago January 22, 2003 Kawasaki's Ezra Lusk made the cover of Cycle News 10 years ago for taking a surprising win at the Phoenix Supercross, it was his first win in four years. James Stewart won the West 125 class for the fourth time of his career… Ty Davis won the opening round of the WORCS series in Peoria, Arizona, over Russ Pearson and Lance Smail… Destry Abbott and Shane Esposito combined efforts to win the Parker 250… Josh Lichtle was top B-class rider at the opening round of the Florida Winter AMA MX Series.

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